CHANGE TO LECTURE PROGRAMME 14th January 2017 St Audry's Melton: Workhouse to Asylum

Due to the illness the lecture on Saturday 14th January will now be given by David Phelan on 'St Audrys Workhouse and Mental Hospital; Victorian attitudes examined'.



This talk covers the history of St Audry’s from 1765 when the Melton
Workhouse (House of Industry) was opened.
The Workhouse closed in 1826 and reopened in 1829 as The Suffolk
County Asylum for Pauper Lunatics. In 1993 the site was closed and
redeveloped for housing.
What were Houses of Industry? Why were they established and how
were they run? What was it like to be an inmate? We examine the
Victorian attitude to poverty.
Asylums are regarded as being grim places, and many were. But it was
different at St Audry’s which was one of the biggest employers in the
area. St Audry’s had a reputation for being a progressive regime - why?
What caused it to be different?
Asylums gave way to Care in the Community. Has it worked?