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Volume 43, part 3 (2015)

333John Blatchly, MBE, MA, HonLittD, FSA, Honorary Wolsey Professor of History, UCS (1932–2015) [Obituary] Diarmaid MacCulloch
337Archaeological excavations at Ingham Quarry, Fornham St Genevieve Andrew A. S. Newton, Antony R. R. Mustchin
370A medieval green-side settlement at Cherry Tree Farm, Mellis Road, Wortham Rob Atkins
390Sir Richard Gipps' library at Great Whelnetham: am unexplored private collection of the turn of the eighteenth century Michael Leach, Mark Lockett
412The Rougham Estate and Rougham Hall George Agnew, James Bettley, Edward Martin
428A life in archaeology Stanley E. West
439Archaeology in Suffolk 2014 Faye Minter, Judith Plouviez
472Book reviews [Ashley (ed.), Landscapes and artifacts ...; Bettley, The buildings of Suffolk ...; Blatchley, Isaac Johnson of Woodbridge ...; Eaglen, The abbey and mint of Bury St Edmunds ...]; Gransden, A history of the abbey of Bury St Edmunds 1257–1301 ...; Licence (ed.) Bury St Edmunds and the Norman Conquest ...; Tester et al. Staunch Meadow, Brandon ...] Faye Minter, others
483Excursions 2014 [Dennington and Parham churches, Rougham church and hall, Letheringham Lodge, Bedfield Hall] Clive Paine, others

Volume 43, part 2 (2014)

173Obituary of Norman Scarfe Diarmaid MacCulloch
177Later prehistoric settlement at Days Road, Capel St Mary Jonathan Tabor, others
207Refining Suffolk's later prehistoric ceramic sequence: Iron Age pottery and settlement remains at Morland Road, Ipswich Matthew Brudenell, Shannon Hogan
219Medieval rood screens in Suffolk: their construction and painting dates Simon A. Cotton, Helen E. Lunnon, Lucy J. Wrapson
235The graffiti inscriptions of St Mary's church, Troston Matthew Champion
259Inscribed pews in Barrow church David Sherlock
263Archaeology in Suffolk 2013 Matthew Brudenell, Judith Plouviez
291Book reviews [Bailey, The decline of serfdom ...; Ward, Elizabeth de Clare ...; Young, Where is St Edmund? ...] Nicholas R. Amor, Edward Martin
297Excursions 2013 [Long Melford church; Cambridge; Bures: St Mary's church, St Stephen's chapel, Great Bevills; Wyverstone and Bacton churches; Ipswich churches] Clive Paine, Liz Wigmore, Alison Taylor, Jane Carr, Bob Carr, James Bettley, Diarmaid McCulloch, Edward Martin, Geoffrey Probert, John Blatchly

Volume 43, part 1 (2013)

1Beaker pits at Church Hill, Saxmundham, Suffolk Andrew A. S. Newton
24The making of Iron-age horse harness mounts: a catalogue of the fired clay mould fragments found at Waldingfield, Suffolk Val Rigby
38A possible middle Saxon building and features in Wenhaston, Suffolk Abby Antrobus, Duncan Stirk
43The Buttermarket cemetery and the origins of Ipswich in the seventh century AD Chris Scull
52The interrelationship between freemen and manors in late Anglo-Saxon Suffolk George Barlow
68The excavation of a medieval or early post-medieval windmill at Flixton Park quarry Stuart Boulter
75The town corporation and the aristocracy: parliamentary elections in Bury St Edmunds 1754–1757 Yasushi Aoki
87Archaeology in Suffolk 2011 Edward Martin, Judith Plouviez
117Book reviews [Coleman, Fruitful Endeavours ... Tollemache at Helmingham Hall; Dymond and Paine, Five centuries ... Melford Church, Heslop at al., Art, Faith and Place in East Anglia — from prehistory to the present] Joanna Martin, Charles Tracy, Edward Martin, Francis Young
127Excursions 2012 [Eye church and castle; Transylvania; Thorpeness; Helmingham Park and Framsden church; Somerleyton Hall and gardens; Thorndon church and thanksgiving service for the Revd Harold Harris (1865–1957)] Clive Paine, others

Volume XLII, part 4 (2012)

411Apprenticeship in late medieval Ipswich Nicholas R. Amor
424New light on Diacinto Cawcy and the Barrow monument Adam Bowett
434Terriers, tithes and farming David Dymond
455The Tasburghs of Flixton and Catholicism in north-east Suffolk, 1642–1767 Francis Young
471`The young ladies are with great care taught': the Wood family, dancing masters and schoolmistresses, 1716–1812 David Tomlinson
490A month in the country: Revd Ernest Geldart at Kelsale, 1881 James Bettley
504A correction [PSIAH XLII.3 (2011) 348] John Blatchly
505Archaeology in Suffolk 2011 Andrew Brown, Edward Martin, Judith Plouviez
536Book reviews [Amor, Late medieval Ipswich; Middelton Stewart, Records of the churchwardens of Mildenhall, Wells-Furby, The Bohun of Fressingfield cartulary] Colin Hetwood, Nicholas R. Amor, Colin Richmond
543Excursions 2011 [Haughley and Wetherden; Barham and Crowfield; Cambridge Botanic Gardens; Wickham Skeith; Pakenham and Drinkstone Mills] Diarmaid MacCulloch, Edward Martin, Clive Paine, Timothy Easton, Philip Aitkins, Richard Price, Bob Malster, Mark Barnard, David Eddershaw

Volume XLII, part 3 (2011)

253Felixstowe Roman fort John Fairclough
277Was Hægelisdun in Essex? A new site for the martyrdom of Edmund Keith Briggs
292The battle of Newmouth and the lost Viking history of Sudbourne, with a postscript on the place-name Orford Sam Newton
300Helming Leget, royal servant, and a possible designed landscape and Pond Hall, Hadleigh Sue Andrews, Rosemary Hoppitt
325Beccles School in the 1430s Nicholas Orme
347Addenda to Decoding flint flushwork John Blatchly, †Peter Northeast
357Archaeology in Suffolk 2010 Andrew Brown, Edward Martin, Judith Plouviez
385Excursions 2010 [Troston; Bardwell; Icklingham All Saints and Icklingham St James; Lakenheath and Eriswell; Kelsale and Leiston] Clive Paine, others

Volume XLII, part 2 (2010)

113Excavations on medieval and post-medieval sites at Preston St Mary Sue Anderson, Stuart Boulter, John Fairclough, Edward Martin, Mark Sommers, Adrian Thorpe
162London mercers from Suffolk c. 1200–1570: benefactors, pirates and merchant adventurers (part II) Anne F. Sutton
185The writing on the wall: new thoughts on Long Melford church Francis Woodman
199Archaeology in Suffolk 2009 Andrew Brown, Edward Martin, Judith Plouviez
221Excursions 2009 [Hemingstone and Gosbeck; Blythburgh; Fressingfield and Laxfield; Stradishall and Boxted; Orford] Clive Paine, others

Volume XLII, part 1 (2009)

1London mercers from Suffolk c. 1200–1570: benefactors, pirates and merchant adventurers Anne F. Sutton
13Technology and the growth of textile manufacture in medieval Suffolk Mark Bailey
21Mettingham, Suffolk: the building of a religious college with particular reference to the acquisition of books for its library John Ridgard
32`A thing without rights, a mere chattel of their lord': the escape from villeinage of a Suffolk family Margaret Fisher
38Helmingham Park — a complex development Stephen Podd
59An unusually large Neolithic flint arrowhead from Kedington Hazel Martingell
61Archaeology in Suffolk 2008 Edward Martin, Colin Pendleton, Judith Plouviez
93Excursions 2008 [Bradfield Combust and Bradfield St George; Earl Stonham; Butley; Flixton; Debenham; Walton] Clive Paine, others

Volume XLI, part 4 (2008)

403Professor Geoffrey Haward Martin CBE Norman Scarfe
403Bigods at Walton Hall and their successors John Fairclough
427A unique wheel of fortune in Suffolk: the discovery and conservation of the wall paintings at the parish church of Ilketshall St Andrew Tobit Curteis
447Noble consumption in the fourteenth century: supplying the household of Elizabeth de Burgh, Lady of Clare (d. 1360) Jennifer Ward
461How the first `Paston letter' came to be written in Suffolk Colin Richmond
467John Battely's Antiquites S. Edmundi Burgi and its editors Francis Young
481Lost features of an ancient landscape Robert Steerwood
489Further discoveries of lower palaeolithic stone tools in the Cromer forest-bed formation at Pakefield-Kessingland Simon Parfitt, Andrew Snelling, Adrian Evans, Roger Jacobi
497Coralline crag Vic Harrup
499Phonography and anastatic printing in Suffolk Edward Law
503Amendment [to PSIAH XLI.3 290] C. Richmond
505Archaeology in Suffolk 2007 Edward Martin, Colin Pendleton, Judith Plouviez
547Excursions 2007 [Ilketshall St Andrew; Framlingham; Bury St Edmunds; Mildenhall; Pettistree and Dallinghoo] Anon

Volume XLI, part 3 (2007)

281The expenses of John Paston I, 1457–1458 Richard Beadle, Colin Richmond
289Master William Pykenham, LLD (c. 1425–97), scholar, churchman, lawyer and gatehouse builder Charles Tracy
323Change and decay in East Suffolk: the vicissitudes of parish fortunes Judith Middleton-Stewart
335Sir Robert, Lord Curson, soldier, courtier and spy John Blatchly, Bill Haward
351The supposed Saxon earthworks at Rendlesham Sarah Harrison
355William Pykenham: a retraction and an apology Colin Richmond
357Archaeology in Suffolk 2006 Edward Martin, Colin Pendleton, Judith Plouviez
389Excursions 2006 [Shelley; Hitcham; Brockley and Whepstead; Langham and Great Ashfield; Staverton Park] Anon

Volume XLI, part 2 (2006)

151A newly-discovered survival from the muniments of Maud of Lancaster's chantry college at Bruisyard David Allen
175Late medieval enclosure — a study of Thorney, near Stowmarket, Suffolk Nicholas R. Amor
199Suffolk connections of the house of York John Ashdown-Hill
209`An horrid popish plot': the failure of catholic aspiration in Bury St Edmunds 1685–88 Francis Young
227Ptolemy's Gariennus, Burgh Castle, and the Yare Andrew Breeze
231Archaeology in Suffolk 2005 Edward Martin, Colin Pendleton, Judith Plouviez
265Excursions 2005 [Elmswell and Gipping; Cupola House (Bury St Edmunds); Mendham; Stoke Ash; Norwich] Anon

Volume XLI, part 1 (2005)

3David Allen John Blatchly
5Excavation of a medieval cemetery at Crowland Road, Haverill John Murray
43Framlingham Castle, a political statement Douglas Plowman
51A newly-discovered fragment of a daily account book for Framlingham Castle, Suffolk Wendy Smedley
53Suffolk pewterers Glyn James
57The Pounder memorial in St Mary at the Quay church, Ipswich John Blatchly, Peter Northeast
79Victorian Suffolk's great eccentric: Colonel George Tomline 1813–1889 David Allen
103Archaeology in Suffolk 2004 Edward Martin, Colin Pendleton, Judith Plouviez
137Excursions 2004 [Ipswich; Lowestoft; Fritton; South Elmham; Thornham] Anon

Volume XL, part 4 (2004)

399Suffolk's crag churches with observations on other crag building structures John F. Potter
414Merchant adventurer or Jack of all trades? The Suffolk clothier in the 1460s Nicholas R. Amor
437New light on William Pykenham? Colin Richmond
443The itinerant Italian artist Diacinto Cawcy and the genesis of the barrow monument at Westhorpe John Blatchly, Geoffrey Fisher
455The Hearth Tax returns as a source for population size and the incidence of poverty during the reign of Charles II Nesta Evans
460Two more dovecotes in Suffolk John McCann
466The de Carle family: stonemasons of Bury St Edmunds Sylvia Colman
480A bronze-age `tress-ring' from Shimpling and its significance Colin Pendleton
485Archaeology in Suffolk 2003 Edward Martin, Colin Pendleton, Judith Plouviez
525Excursions 2003 [Rickinghall Inferior, Botesdale and Gislingham; Aldham and Hadleigh; Preston St Mary; Leiston; Thornham; Coddenham] Clive Paine

Volume XL, part 3 (2003)

253A context for Sitomagus: Romano-British settlement in the Suffolk mid-coastal area Robert Steerwood
262The bounds of Stoke and the hamlets of Ipswich [S:781] John Fairclough
278A Leiston document from Glastonbury Julian Luxford
289A new Suffolk leper chapel? The lepers of Wentford and the chapel of St Mary Magdalene, Chilton Max Satchell
301Glazed red pottery and kiln waste from Sutton Heath, Suffolk Sue Anderson
306Colonel Robert Rushbrooke M.P., J.P. (1770–1845): grand tourist, connoisseur, collector, amateur architect and wood carver Charles Tracy
331A copper-alloy lar fragment lost in a medieval pit at Preston St Mary Judith Plouviez
334A gold bracteate or uniface from Martlesham, Suffolk John Newman, D. M. Metcalf
337Archaeology in Suffolk 2002 Edward Martin, Colin Pendleton, Judith Plouviez
373Excursions 2002 [Westhorpe and Cotton; Barrow and Ousden; Thornham estate; Monewden and Playford; Yaxley] Clive Paine

Volume XL, part 2 (2002)

127Riding out recession: Ixworth and Woolpit in the late middle ages Nicholas R. Amor
145The descent of the manor of Ampners in Thrandeston David Allen
151The Ipswich Jewish community in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries Robert Halliday, Bernard Susser
164Dr John Ellor Taylor: guide, philosopher and friend Steven J. Plunkett
201Archaeology in Suffolk 2001 Edward Martin, Colin Pendleton, Judith Plouviez, Helen Geake
237Excursions 2001 [Lavenham, Brent Eleigh and Milden; Freston and Erwarton; Ringsfield, Little Redisham and Darsham; Little and Great Bradley; Blytheburgh and Walpole] Anon

Volume XL, part 1 (2001)

1Fund-raising for a medieval monastery: indulgences and Great Bricett Priory R. N. Swanson
8Rumburgh Priory in the later middle ages: some new evidence M. R. V. Heale
24The dovecote turret of Hadleigh deanery John McMann
31The public water supply of Ipswich before the municipal corporations David Allen
55Changing farm sizes in woodland high Suffolk, 1690–1840 J. A. Theobald
65Archaeology in Suffolk 2000 Edward Martin, Colin Pendleton, Judith Plouviez, Gabor Thomas, Helen Geake
114Excursions 2000 [Ipswich; Chedburgh, Little Saxham and Westley; Elmswell and Drinkstone; Otley] Clive Paine

Volume XXXIX, part 4 (2000)

419Drawings of Walton Castle and other monuments in Walton and Felixstowe John Fairclough, S. J. Plunkett
460Thomas Essington at Brightwell and the identity of his sculptor J. M. Blatchly, G. Fisher
470From yeomanry to county elite: the impact of the French Wars on the rise of a Suffolk family R. Lawrence
484The Old Police House in Debenham: a unique survival from the first half of the nineteenth century T. Easton
493A stirrup-strap mount from Little Glemham, Suffolk: a possible import D. Williams
495Archaeology in Suffolk 1999 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez, G. Thomas, D. Wreathall, S. Holden
535Excursions 1999. Report and notes on some findings. 26 September 1998: (C. Paine and M. Harrison) Wattisfield and Pakenham Churches. 24 April 1999: (J. Martin, P. Aitkens and C. Paine) Hessett and Gedding. 24 June 1999: (J. Blatchly, J. Fairclough and S. Plunkett) Brightwell and Felixstowe. 10 July 1999: (C. Paine) Whepstead and Dalham. 27 September 1999: (C. Paine) Thrandeston and Redgrave Clive Paine
541A memorial tablet to John Frere, F.R.S., F.S.A. J. J. Wymer, S. E. West

Volume XXXIX, part 3 (1999)

277The Anglo-Saxon loom from Pakenham, Suffolk S. J. Plunkett
299The Wenhaston Doom: a biography of a sixteenth-century panel painting K. Whale
317Rebellion and poverty in early sixteenth-century Suffolk: the 1525 uprising against the Amicable Grant J. F. Pound
331An arms sale at Nettlestead in 1682 D. Allen
339The Beeston-Coyte Hortus Botanicus Gippovicensis and its printed catalogue J. M. Blatchly, J. James
353Archaeology in Suffolk 1998 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez, D. Wreathall
389Address given at SIAH 150th Anniversary Dinner J. Fiske
392Excursions 1998. Report and notes on some findings. 25 April 1998: (P. Aitkens, T. Easton and E. A. Martin) Wingfield. 16 May 1998: (L. Alston) Lavenham (with CBA East Anglia). 6 June 1998: (J. Middleton-Stewart, J. Blatchly, T. Williamson and Lord de Saumarez) Barking, Barham and Shrubland: A Tudor Terracotta trail and Victorian splendours. 4 July 1998: (L. Alston) Vernacular buildings in the Stour Valley — Bures, Stoke-by-Nayland, Nayland. 17 July 1998: (P. Aitkens, T. Easton, E. Martin and C. Paine) Hengrave Hall and West Stow Hall. 25 July 1998: (J. Gowlett and E. Martin) Palaeolithic excavations Clive Paine

Volume XXXIX, part 2 (1998)

127The west facade-complex at the Abbey Church of Bury St Edmunds: a description of the evidence for its reconstruction J. P. McAleer
151Little Wenham Hall, a reinterpretation E. A. Martin
165The Suffolk Institute of Archaeology: its life, times and members S. J. Plunkett
209Archaeology in Suffolk 1997 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, D. Wreathall
249Excursions 1997. Report and notes on some findings. 19 April 1997: (P. Aitkens) Ixworth, Garboldisham and North Lopham (N) 17 May 1997: (S. Heywood, E. A. Martin, A. Rogerson and K. Sussams) Thetford (with CBA) 26 June 1997: (R. Lawrence, S. Loftus, G. Denny and F. Griffin) Southwold. 12 July (E. A. Martin) Shelley Hall and church, buildings of Sir P. Tilney. 13 September 1997: (C. Paine) Little Whelnetham and Rushbrooke Clive Paine

Volume XXXIX, part 1 (1997)

1Jocelin of Brakelond's identity: a review of the evidence Norman Scarfe
6The early parish and estate of Ickworth, West Suffolk (with an appendix by Nesta Evans) M. Hesse
28Daniel Browninge of Crowfield; a little-known High Sheriff of Suffolk and the Stowmarket Assizes of 1695 D. Allen
48Hamlet Watling, artist and schoolmaster, 1818–1908 S. J. Plunkett
108Excursions 1996. Report and notes on some findings. 13 April 1996: (J. M. Blatchly, T. Easton, E. A. Martin, P. Northeast) Raydon and Little Wenham. 4 May 1996: (L. Alston, P. Ennis, E. A. Martin, A. Oswald and K. Sussams) Clare (with CBA meeting). 16 May 1996: (J. M. Blatchly) William Dowsing: Laxfield, Linstead Pa., Weybread and Metfield. 22 June 1996: (C. Paine) Great Barton church and park. 28 September 1996: (K. Sussams, E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton) Breckland archaeology: Santon Downham, and Santon (N) Clive Paine
spArchaeology in Suffolk 1996 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez, D. Wreathall

Volume XXXVIII, part 4 (1996)

387Discoveries in the clerestory and roof structure of St Margaret's church, Ipswich J. M. Blatchly, Peter Northeast
409The house and gardens of Combs Hall, near Stowmarket: a survey by the Royal Commission on the Historical Monuments of England E. A. Martin, A. Oswald
428Drovers, cattle and dung: the long trail from Scotland to London C. Brown
442The vanished barrel organ of Coddenham church D. Allen
455A drawing of a fifteenth century rector of Halesworth C. Richmond
457Archaeology in Suffolk 1995 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez, D. Wreathall
489Excursions 1995. Report and notes on some findings. 22 April 1995: (S. & M. Gooch, J. Middleton-Stewart, R. Church and A. Macley) Halesworth and Blythburgh. 24 May 1995: (J. M. Blatchly and D. Sherwood) Rickinghall Inferior, Botesdale, Hepworth, Hinderclay and Thelnetham. 15 July 1995: (C. Paine) Nowton. 19 August 1995: (E. A. Martin, T. Easton, C. Brown and V. Norrington) Bredfield and Boulge. 16 September 1995: (C. Paine) Shimpling and Hawkedon churches Clive Paine

Volume XXXVIII, part 3 (1995)

245The saint with a scythe: a previously unidentified wall painting in the church of St Andrew, Cavenham M. Gill
255An heraldic puzzle at South Elmham All Saints P. D. Cockerham
261A late medieval parish gild: the Gild of St Thomas the Martyr in Cratfield, c.1470–1542 K. Farnhill
268Two pre-Reformation organ soundboards T. Easton, S. Bicknell
296An eighteenth century organ in Little Glemham church D. Allen
302Richard Hammond of Coddenham: florist and philosopher J. M. Blatchly
317Dunwich: the acquisition and maintenance of a Borough S. M. Sommers
331A graffito of a notarial sign in Hoxne church B. Hooper
335Archaeology in Suffolk 1994 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez, D. Wreathall, S. Holden
365Excursions 1994. Report and notes on some findings. 23 April 1994: (N. Scarfe, E. A. Martin, T. Easton, P. Aitkens and C. Paine) Norton and Tostock. 18 May 1994: (J. M. Blatchly and R. Lock) Cavenham, Tuddenham St Mary, Barton Mills and Mildenhall. 11 June 1994: (S. Colman, F. Griffin, R. Lawrence and T. Easton) Huntingfield and Bruisyard. 24 July 1994: (E. and J. Martin, T. Easton and S. Colman) Denston. 24 September 1994: (C. Paine) Somerton and Stanningfield Clive Paine

Volume XXXVIII, part 2 (1994)

119Record of a struck flake and the lithological composition of 'pre-glacial' river deposits at Hengrave, Suffolk J. Rose, J. J. Wymer
126Purton Green, Stansfield: some later observations on the early aisled hall J. L. Walker
138The chantry at Brundish Peter Northeast
149The provision of books for church use in the Deanery of Dunwich, 1370–1547 J. Middleton-Stewart
164Nina Layard, Hadleigh Road and Ipswich Museum, 1905–1908 S. J. Plunkett
193A late medieval jewellery and coin hoard from Holbrook J. Newman
196The Leman monument by the Christmas brothers in St Stephen church Ipswich J. M. Blatchly
199Archaeology in Suffolk 1993 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez, S. Holden, D. Wreathall
229Excursions 1993. Report and notes on some findings. 17 April 1993: (T. Easton, E. A. Martin, P. Aitkens, P. Northeast and S. Podd) Domestic architecture: Bedfield and Worlingworth. 12 June 1993: (E. Martin, P. Aitkens, T. Easton and B. Haward). Early 18th century gardens: Combs and Ringshall. 3 July 1993: (Mark Barnard). Mills in West Suffolk. 24 July 1993: (B Haward, J. Mitchell and S. Cotton) Walberswick, Wenhaston and Bramfield churches. 29 September 1993: (N. Scarfe, Canon Fitch, P. Aitkens, A. Gibson, D. Stenning, J. Plouviez and B. Wilkens) Barnardiston, Kedington, Wixoe and Birdbrook (E) Clive Paine

Volume XXXVIII, part 1 (1993)

1A fourteenth-century divorce in Stoke-by-Nayland D. Allen
8The Chapel and Well of Our Lady of Woolpit Clive Paine
13A house fit for a Queen: Wingfield House in Tacket Street, Ipswich and its heraldic room D. N. J. MacCulloch, J. M. Blatchly
35Peter Moone of Ipswich (d. 1601). A Tudor tailor, poet and gospeller and his circle J. Webb
56Conspicuous display: the extraordinary garden and buildings of a minor gentry family in mid-Suffolk E. A. Martin, T. Easton, I. McKechnie
75The flint-work inscription under the east window of Blythburgh church T. Beardsworth
79Archaeology in Suffolk 1992 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez, D. Wreathall
106Excursions 1992. Report and notes on some findings. 25 April 1992: (P. Aitkens, D. P. Dymond, T. Easton, E. A. Martin, C. Paine, A. Teece and E. Wigmore) Long Melford. 6 June 1992: (E. Martin, T. Easton and P. Aitkens) More moats in the landscape: Columbyne Hall and Crow's Hall. 20 June 1992: (M. Barnard, N. Evans, P. Aitkens, T. Easton and E. A. Martin) Fressingfield: home parish of Archbishop William Sancroft. 11 July 1992: (P. Murrell, A. Robertson and C. Paine) Bury St Edmunds. 24 September 1992: (The late Gwen Dyke) The Trimleys: a commemoration of Thomas Cavendish of Grimston Hall Clive Paine

Volume XXXVII, part 4 (1992)

297Patronage, personal commemoration and progress: St Andrew's church, Westhall c.1140–1548 J. Middleton-Stewart
316The Black Death in Walsham-le-Willows R. Lock
338A Tuscan Prince in Ipswich R. Clayton
351The finance and construction of the East Anglian Houses of Industry J. Shaw
367The Norman doorways at Wordwell and West Stow churches R. Halliday
371Archaeology in Suffolk 1991 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez, D. Wreathall
393Excursions 1991. Report and notes on some findings. 20 April 1991: (Norman Scarfe and Celia Jennings) Sotterley and Westhall. 6 June 1991: (Pat Murrell) Bury St Edmunds. 22 June 1991: (Timothy Easton and Edward Martin) Framsden and Eye: some garden history. 20 July 1991: (Clive Paine) Woolpit. 28 September 1991: (Edward Martin and Timothy Easton) Moats in the landscape: Parham and Letheringham Clive Paine

Volume XXXVII, part 3 (1991)

179The Suffolk Excavation Index J. Carr
186Two exceptional Tudor houses in Hitcham: Brick House Farm and Wetherden Hall E. A. Martin
208The Bury Stirs revisited: an analysis of the townsmen J. S. Craig
225The origins and development of the Nayland feoffees R. Knox
238John Medland Clark 1813–1849 'sometime architect of Ipswich' R. Sergeant
251From Bury St Edmunds to Ugglebarnby: Suffolk benches in a Yorkshire church C. Brown
255Archaeology in Suffolk 1990 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez, D. Wreathall
283Excursions 1990. Report and notes on some findings. 21 April 1990: (Edward Martin, Sylvia Colman and Philip Aitkens) Hitcham: a parish study. 5 May 1990: (Timothy Easton, David Dymond and Philip Aitkens) Moated Halls in the Debenham area. 13 June 1990: (Clive Paine and Philip Aitkens) Hawstead. 7 July 1990: (Philip Aitkens, Timothy Easton and Peter Northeast) Brundish and Stradbroke. 22 September 1990: (Edward Martin and Mike Hardy) Bramfield and Sibton Clive Paine

Volume XXXVII, part 2 (1990)

95The early history of Bacton church C. Harper-Bill
102Coastal fishing off south east Suffolk in the century after the Black Death M. Bailey
115Mettingham Castle: an interpretation of a survey of 1562 E. A. Martin
124An Ipswich Merchant's cloth accounts, 1623–24 J. Webb
134Three seventeenth-century rectors of Euston and a verse in the parish register S. Colman
143An Elizabethan swan-upper for the Deben estuary D. Allen, J. Blatchly
147Archaeology in Suffolk 1989 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez, D. Sullivan
167Excursions 1989. Report and notes on some findings. 15 April 1989: (Bill Serjeant and John Blatchly) Stoke-by-Nayland and Nayland. 13 May 1989: (Mike Hardy and Edward Martin) Castles in north-east Suffolk. 1 July 1989: (Philip Aitkens and Edward Martin) Battisford and Badley. 26 July 1989: (Stanley West and Clive Paine) West Stow Anglo-Saxon village and Icklingham All Saints. 20 September 1989: (Norman Scarfe and Birkin Haward) Bramford, Sproughton, Burstall and Hintlesham Clive Paine

Volume XXXVII, part 1 (1989)

1A Romano-British pottery kiln at Stowmarket J. Plouviez
13Inscribed tiles at the church of St Mary, Ixworth S. Colman
18An early organ at Framlingham church D. N. J. MacCulloch, J. M. Blatchly, B. Haward
31The Holy Ghost Gild and the Beccles Town land feoffees in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries N. Evans
45The Hakewills. Credit where credit is due: the need for caution C. Brown
55Two medieval gold finger-rings from Great Wratting J. Graham-Campbell
59Archaeology in Suffolk 1988 E. A. Martin, C. Pendleton, J. Plouviez
82Excursions 1988. Report and notes on some findings. 16 April 1988: (Captain Dunlop, Canon Watson, Doreen Rayner) Nacton and Felixstowe. 19 May 1988: (Canon Norburn, Tony Redman and Clive Paine) Ampton, Great and Little Livermere. 16 June 1988 (Norman Scarfe and Celia Jennings) Ufford, Rendlesham and Orford. 14 July 1988: (Clive Paine) Thorndon, Redlingfield and Gislingham. 24 September 1988: (Edward Martin and William Filmer-Sankey) Sutton Hoo and Snape Clive Paine

Volume XXXVI, part 4 (1988)

251A fourteenth-century monastic sign list from Bury St Edmunds Abbey D. Sherlock, W. Zajac
274The Rising of 1381 in Suffolk: its origins and participants C. Dyer
288The bellfounder's indent at Bury St Edmunds S. Badham, J. M. Blatchly
298Newmarket in the reign of Charles II P. May
305Arms and armour in early sixteenth century Suffolk: the Military Return for Babergh Hundred in 1522 J. F. Pound
309Archaeology in Suffolk 1987 E. A. Martin, J. Plouviez, H. A. Feldman
323Excursions 1987. Report and notes on some findings. 25 April 1987: (Clive Paine and Philip Aitkens) Eye. 13 June 1987: (Sylvia Colman, Mike Hardy, Edward Martin, John Ridgard and Stanley West) South Elmham Hall and Minster. 4 July 1987: (Tony Gregory and John Wymer) Thetford and Weeting, Norfolk. 30 July 1987: (Nesta Evans) Beccles and Halesworth. 26 September 1987: (Peter Northeast and Timothy Easton) Earl Stonham, Debenham and Framsden Clive Paine

Volume XXXVI, part 3 (1987)

165The earliest Suffolk charter Cyril R. Hart, A. Smye
182The contribution of Hoxne to the cult of St Edmund King and Martyr in the Middle Ages and later Margaret Carey Evans
196References to South Elmham Minster in the medieval Account Rolls of South Elmham Manor J. Ridgard
202The church chests at Icklingham, Suffolk and Church Brampton, Northamptonshire J. Geddes, D. Sherlock
207Captain Raphe Margery, a Suffolk Ironside J. Lock, R. Lock
219Two Late Bronze Age penannular ring-ornaments from Mildenhall and Eriswell C. Pendleton
221Wall paintings at Elms Farm, Mendlesham J. Michel, D. Park
225Archaeology in Suffolk 1986 E. A. Martin, J. Plouviez, H. A. Feldman
243Excursions 1986. Report and notes on some findings. 19 April 1986: (Clive Paine and Philip Aitkens) Risby church, Little Manor, Lower Farmhouse. 1 May 1986: (John Horsman and Gwen Dyke) Cratfield, Linstead Magna and Laxfield 28 May 1986: (David Butcher) Lowestoft. 28 June 1986, (David Dymond and Sylvia Colman) Euston. 5-7 September 1986: (Hilary Feldman) Canterbury 27 September 1986: (Amanda Arrowsmith, Edith Freeman and Peter Northeast) Sudbury Clive Paine

Volume XXXVI, part 2 (1986)

65The excavations on the site of Ickworth Manor W. Filmer-Sankey
73The reduced population and wealth of early fifteenth-century Suffolk D. P. Dymond, R. Virgoe
101Recent discoveries at St Stephen's church, Ipswich: the Wimbill chancel and the Rush-Alvard chapel D. N. J. MacCulloch, J. M. Blatchly, B. Haward
115An early nineteenth century malting business in East Suffolk R. Lawrence
130Review: A new edition of William Hervy's Visitation of Suffolk J. M. Blatchly
131A Bronze Age multiple burial at Exning E. A. Martin, C. B. Denston
135A bronze torc from Kenny Hill C. Pendleton
139Archaeology in Suffolk 1985 E. A. Martin, J. Plouviez, H. Feldman
159Excursions 1985. Report and notes on some findings. 20 April 1985: (John Blatchly and Norman Scarfe) Yoxford, church, Grave Park, Yoxford Place, Cockfield Hall. 11 May 1985: (Philip Aitkens) Medieval buildings. Coddenham, Coppins Hill farmhouse, Needham Market, Ancient House, 109 High Street, Chapel of St John the Baptist, Great Bricett Priory church and Hall. 25 May 1985: (Jude Plouviez, Peter Beck and Norman Scarfe) Pakenham, excavation, watermill, church. 29 June 1985: (Margaret Statham and Jean Lewis) Bury St Edmunds, churchyard and abbey gardens, Shire Hall, Provost's House. 21 September 1985: (Edward Martin and William Filmer-Sankey) Sutton Hoo and Snape Clive Paine

Volume XXXVI, part 1 (1985)

1Twelfth-century floor- and roof-tiles at Orford Castle P. J. Drury, E. C. Norton
8The Herveys: three generations of Tudor courtiers W. J. Tighe
16William Willson: from Clare to Donegal M. Lewis
21James Williams 1798–1888. Profile of a Victorian sculptor C. Brown
31A Bronze Age cremation burial from Westleton E. A. Martin, C. P. B. Wells
34An Iron Age terret from Rushmere T. Gregory, E. A. Martin
36A Roman lead sealing from Burgh Castle M. Henig
37A gold bracteate from Undley S. E. West
38John Ives parodied as Curiosus in 1771 J. M. Blatchly
40The former gateway at Chilton Hall recorded by Isaac Johnson J. M. Blatchly
41Sutton Hoo 1860 R. Hoppitt
43Archaeology in Suffolk 1984 E. A. Martin, J. Plouviez, H. Feldman
58Excursions 1984. Report and notes on some findings. 28 April 1984: (Clive Paine) Culford Estate, Hall, church and village, Wordwell church and village, West Stow church. 20 June 1984: (John Ridgard and Norman Scarfe) Worlingworth. 11 July 1984: (John Salmon) Medieval Christian imagery in wall paintings and stained glass. Brent Eleigh, Long Melford church, Belchamp Water church (E), Newton church. 28 July 1984: (Keith Wade and John Blatchly) Work in progress in Ipswich. Pykenham's Gate, St Lawrence, St Stephen, Blackfriars, St Peter. 8 September 1985: (John Bloomfield and Peter Northeast) Hadleigh Guildhall and town Clive Paine

Volume XXXV, part 4 (1984)

247The Devil's Ring, Brightwell Heath (with notes by R. Robertson Mackay, J. S. Weiner, D. R. Brothwell and J. F. Levy) R. Gilyard-Beer
264The finds from the barrow cemetery [Devil's Ring, Brightwell]. (in Gilyard-Beer 1984) R. Mackay
279Iken, St Botolph, and the coming of East Anglian Christianity Stanley West, Norman Scarfe, R. J. Cramp
279Iken Church. (in West, Scarfe and Cramp 1984) S. E. West
291The Iken cross-shaft (in West, Scarfe and Cramp 1984) R. J. Cramp
303Farming and land-holding in wood-pasture East Anglia 1550–1650 N. Evans
317A survival from Lavenham's cloth industry A. Betterton
321Archaeology in Suffolk 1983 E. A. Martin, J. Plouviez, H. A. Ross
331Excursions 1983. Report and notes on some findings. 6 April 1983: (Norman Scarfe) Woodbridge School, Abbey School, Playford. 28 May 1983: (Cynthia Brown) Victorian restoration: Glemsford church, Silk Mills, Cavendish, Foxearth (E). 15 June 1983: (John Mead) Friends and relations of Alyce de Bryene: Acton, Stoke-by-Nayland, Bures. 6 July 1983: (Nesta Evans) Fressingfield church & Fox and Goose, Wingfield church, College and Castle. 3 September 1983: (Joy Rowe and Margaret Statham) Recusants and restorers: Bury R.C. church, Westley old and new churches, Stanningfield (Coldham Cottage), Lawshall church Clive Paine

Volume XXXV, part 3 (1983)

169The Lower Palaeolithic site at Hoxne J. J. Wymer
191The place of the Honour in twelfth-century society: the Honour of Clare 1066–1217 J. C. Ward
203Church and society in twelfth-century Suffolk: the charter evidence C. Harper-Bill
213The dissolution survey of Snape Priory W. Filmer-Sankey
223A new site for the martyrdom of St Edmund? (with a note from D. P. Dymond) S. E. West
227An early headmaster of Ipswich school I. E. Gray
229Archaeology in Suffolk, 1982 E. A. Martin, J. Plouviez, H. Ross

Volume XXXV, part 2 (1982)

91Obedientiaries of St Edmund's Abbey R. M. Thomson
105Thomas le Rente: a medieval town ruler S. Alsford
117A smoke-curing chamber at Brockley J. McCann
123Land use and farming in Suffolk about 1840 H. M. E. Holt, R. J. P. Kain
141When is a Henge not a Henge? E. A. Martin
145A Middle Bronze Age hoard from Great Barton E. A. Martin
149More St Nicholas tokens from Bury St Edmunds and vicinity (with additamenta by D. Sherlock) S. E. Rigold
153Review: Suffolk Charters (Ed. by R. Allen Brown) R. H. C. Davis
155Archaeology in Suffolk, 1981 E. A. Martin, J. Plouviez, H. Ross
293Excursions 1981. Report and notes on some findings Norman Scarfe

Volume XXXV, part 1 (1981)

1Late Anglo-Saxon finds from the site of St Edmund's Abbey R. Gem, L. Keen
31Newmarket and its Market Court, 1399–1413 P. May
41The expenses of Thomas Playter of Sotterley, 1459–60 C. Richmond
53Hill Farm, Laxfield: a lobby-entrance house of the late 17th century I. Johnson
61A Bronze Age pin from Boxford A. J. Lawson
63Swedish platemoney from England D. Sherlock
67Two 14th-century Ufford family memorials recorded by Isaac Johnson J. M. Blatchly
69David Elisha Davy's Journal of Suffolk Excursions, 1823–1844 J. M. Blatchly
73Archaeology in Suffolk. Archaeological finds, 1980 E. A. Martin, J. Plouviez, H. Ross
78Archaeology in Suffolk. Archaeological excavations in Suffolk, 1980 E. A. Martin

Volume XXXIV, part 4 (1980)

229Excavations in Roman Long Melford, 1970–1972 (with notes by K. T. Greene, P. Webster, J. Webster and C. Wells) R. Avent
234The Samian pottery [Long Melford]. (in Avent and Howlett 1980) K. T. Greene
237The coarse pottery [Long Melford]. (in Avent and Howlett 1980) P. Webster
240Bronze objects [Long Melford]. (in Avent and Howlett 1980) J. Webster
247Appendix. Notes on the infant inhumation. [Long Melford]. (in Avent and Howlett 1980) C. P. B. Wells
251Raedwald's Queen and the Sutton Hoo coins Norman Scarfe
255Possible evidence for liturgical drama at Bury St. Edmunds in the twelfth century E. McLachlan
263The murder of James Andrew: Suffolk faction in the 1430s R. Virgoe
269The Tasburghs of South Elmham: the rise and fall of a Suffolk gentry family N. Evans
281A Late Bronze Age sword from Brandon E. A. Martin
283Walton Priory: a correction D. N. J. MacCulloch
283The Chorography of Suffolk: addendum and corrigendum D. N. J. MacCulloch
285Two Victorian woodcarvers. The benches in the church of Tuddenham St Martin, St Mary's Great Bealings and Rushmere St Andrew C. Brown
287Obituary. Leslie Dow, F.S.A. R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford
293Archaeology in Suffolk C. J. Balkwill, E. A. Martin
299Excursions 1979 [Stoke by Clare, Tuddenham St Martin, Playford, Rushmere St Andrew, Great Saxham, Hengrave, Wickham Market, Chediston] Norman Scarfe

Volume XXXIV, part 3 (1979)

161Some Anglo-Saxon finds from Lakenheath and their place in the Lark Valley context T. Briscoe
171The Chapel of St. Edmund de Pountenay in Ipswich M. Clegg
181Post-Medieval houses in Suffolk. Some evidence from Probate Inventories and Hearth Tax Returns S. Colman
191The Suffolk Crop Returns of 1854 J. P. Dodd
205Grooved Ware sherds from West Stow E. A. Martin
207The Iron Age assemblages from Darmsden, Hinderclay and Kettleburgh C. J. Balkwill
211Obituary. John David Gathorne-Hardy, 4th Earl of Cranbrook, CBE, FLS, 1900–1978 Norman Scarfe
218Archaeology in Suffolk C. J. Balkwill, E. A. Martin
spExcursions. Report and notes on some findings Norman Scarfe

Volume XXXIV, part 2 (1978)

87The St. Nicholas or 'Boy Bishop' tokens S. E. Rigold
103Henry Chitting's Suffolk collections D. N. J. MacCulloch
129Henry William Bunbury, gentleman cartoonist M. Clements
137A new Iron Age terret from Weybread E. A. Martin
141A Roman `Mars-barb' from Burgh Castle D. Sherlock
144Review: Suffolk Houses, a Study of Domestic Architecture, by Eric Sandon S. Colman
147Archaeology in Suffolk, 1977 C. J. Balkwill
spExcursions. Report and notes on some findings Norman Scarfe

Volume XXXIV, part 1 (1977)

1An enamelled disc from Great Saxham V. I. Evison
15Ipswich Blackfriars R. Gilyard-Beer
25Excavations at Ipswich Blackfriars in 1898 and 1976 J. M. Blatchly, K. Wade
35A late medieval visitation — the Diocese of Norwich in 1499 C. Harper-Bill
49Eye Vicarage: the documentation of a parsonage house S. Colman
59Woolverstone Hall: some reflections on the domestic architecture of John Johnson (1732–1814) N. Briggs
65Haughley Castle S. E. West
67A clay pipe kiln at Chediston Street, Halesworth H. Oak-Rhind, K. Wade
71Obituary — Basil Brown R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford
73Archaeology in Suffolk, 1976 E. J. Owles
82Excursion, 11 May 1976: Woolverstone, Erwarton and Shotley Norman Scarfe
82Excursion, 1 June 1976: Hopton, South Lopham, Garboldisham and Palgrave Norman Scarfe, S. Colman
82Excursion, 1 July 1976: Haughley, Offton, Lindsey, Milden J. J. Wymer
83Excursion, 11 Sept. 1976: Mildenhall church, town and parish D. P. Dymond
83Excursion, 24 July 1976: Denston Church, Hall, and Chantry Farm, and Badmondisfield Hall, Wickhambrook Norman Scarfe

Volume XXXIII, part 3 (1975)

231Two groups of prehistoric pottery from Kettleburgh B. Connor
241Excavations in the Norman gate tower Bury St. Edmunds abbey. (with notes by J. G. Hurst, S. E. Rigold, and R. T. Jones) P. L. Drewett, I. W. Stuart
251Pottery [Bury gate tower]. (in Drewett and Stuart 1975) J. G. Hurst
251Window glass [Bury gate tower]. (in Drewett and Stuart 1975) S. E. Rigold
252Animal bones [Bury gate tower] R. T. Jones
252'Boy-bishop' token [Bury gate tower]. (in Drewett and Stuart 1975) S. E. Rigold
253Newmarket 500 years ago P. May
275Radulph Agas. Virtue unrewarded D. N. J. MacCulloch
285Cave Beck: a seventeenth century Ipswich schoolmaster and his 'universal character' V. Salmon
299John Ives, F.R.S. and F.S.A.., Suffolk Herald Extraordinary 1751–1776. A bicentenary recollection Norman Scarfe
310A squat ground axe from Cavenham T. Briscoe
311A Roman road at Bradfield St. George M. Baker, G. Oxborrow
313An intaglio from Burgh Castle M. Henig
315Medieval and later finds from near Bildeston church S. Nelson
318“The Chilton Bulge” — the early mapping of Suffolk hundreds D. P. Dymond
322Archaeology in Suffolk, 1975 E. J. Owles

Volume XXXIII, part 2 (1974)

109An interim report on prehistoric excavations at Ivy Tree Farm, Hadleigh M. J. Corbishley
116Beaker and Bronze Age burials at Brantham Hall (with a note by C. Wells) R. A. Gilmour
129Notes on the cremations [Brantham Hall]. (in Gilmour 1974) C. P. B. Wells
131The excavation of Walton Priory (with comment on the main building by R. Gilyard-Beer, historical commentary by Katharine Davison, and a note on Walton Old Hall by T. M. Felgate) Stanley West
138The buildings of Walton Priory (in West 1974) R. Gilyard-Beer
141History of Walton Priory (in West 1974) K. Davison
150Note on Walton Old Hall (in West 1974) T. M. Felgate
153A fourteenth century mosaic tile pavement with line-impressed decoration from Icklingham. (with a note by A. Klingelhofer) L. Keen, D. Thackray
166Report on tiles and bricks from Denny Abbey and Icklingham A. Klingelhofer
168The lost and mutliated memorials of the Bovile and Wingfield families at Letheringham J. M. Blatchly
195The parish of Walsham-le-Willows: two Elizabethan surveys and their medieval background David Dymond
212Archaeology in Suffolk, 1974 E. J. Owles

Volume XXXIII, part 1 (1973)

1The excavation of a prehistoric site at Upper Chamberlain's Farm, Eriswell (with a note by C. Wells) D. P. Dymond
15Report on the human remains [Eriswell]. (in Dymond 1973) C. P. B. Wells
19The excavation of an Early Bronze Age cemetery at Pin Farm, Gazeley (with notes by I. H. Longworth and I. A. Kinnes) F. Petersen
41Pottery [Gazeley]. (in Petersen 1973) I. H. Longworth
42Animal bones [Gazeley]. (in Petersen 1973) I. A. Kinnes
47Anglo-Saxon cremation burials from Snape. (with notes by C. Wells and E. Crowfoot) S. E. West, E. J. Owles
53Appendix A: Textile [Snape] (in West & Owles 1973) E. Crowfoot
55Appendix B: The human cremations [Snape]. (in West and Owles 1973) C. P. B. Wells
58Defending Framlingham Castle D. Renn
68Further thoughts on the boar at St. Nicholas' church, Ipswich K. J. Galbraith
75The Bury St. Edmunds Cross. The work of Master Hugo? Norman Scarfe
86The bricks of Wingfield College L. S. Harley
88Two late mediaeval pipe-drains from Thetford Priory G. Coppack
90A Portuguese jar from Lakenheath D. H. Kennett
94Archaeology in Suffolk, 1973 E. J. Owles

Volume XXXII, part 3 (1972)

221The River Stour Navigation Company J. S. Hull
255Chandeliers in Suffolk churches R. Sherlock
269The 'Rattlesden' St. John P. E. Lasko
271Two gold bracelets from Nowton, Bury St. Edmunds I. H. Longworth
272A Roman road at Saxtead E. J. Owles
274A copper tanged dagger from Hundon N. Moore
276Medieval floor-tiles from Blythburgh L. S. Harley
279Royal Arms in Suffolk churches D. N. J. MacCulloch
279Review: University of Chicago Library, The Sir Nicholas Bacon Collection: Sources on English Society 1250–1700, an Exhibition at the Joseph Regenstein Library at the University of Chicago, April-June, 1972. (American Publishers Press) H. S. A. F.
282Archaeology in Suffolk, 1972 E. J. Owles

Volume XXXII, part 2 (1971)

113Earthwork enclosures on Lakenheath Warren, West Suffolk G. Crompton, C. C. Taylor
121Excavation at Campsea Ash Priory, 1970 D. Sherlock
140Medieval floor-tiles from Campsea Ash Priory L. Keen
152Recent excavations within Framlingham Castle (with a note by S. Moorhouse) J. G. Coad
161The pottery [Framlingham Castle]. (in Coad 1971) S. Moorhouse
164The West Gate of Ipswich E. J. Owles
168The Hearth Tax returns for the Hundred of Blackbourne, 1662 S. Colman
193Royal Arms in Suffolk churches D. N. J. MacCulloch
198Medieval floor-tiles from Orford and Sudbourne L. Keen, D. Sherlock
201A medieval floor-tile from Flixton S. E. West
201Suffolk churches L. Dow
202The Sutton Hoo Handbook [2nd Edn Review] D. Sherlock
203Obituary: Elsie Redstone W. G. Arnott
205Archaeology in Suffolk, 1971 E. J. Owles

Volume XXXII, part 1 (1970)

1Excavations at the Old Minster, South Elmham N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
17The excavation of the Town Defences at Tayfen Road, Bury St. Edmunds, 1968 S. E. West
25The excavation of Dunwich Town Defences, 1970 (with a note by N. Scarfe) S. E. West
34Note on the historical records of Dunwich's defences. (in West 1970) Norman Scarfe
38An Anglo-Saxon playing-piece from Bawdsey D. M. Wilson
43Robert Ryece of Preston, 1555–1638 C. G. Harlow
71Sir Stephen Glynne's Ipswich Church Notes, 1832 and 1844 K. G. Pollard
80Some lost Anglo-Saxon inscriptions from St. Nicholas' church, Ipswich E. Okasha
84Heraldic carvings in Yaxley church T. M. Felgate
87The Fornham sword A. R. Edwardson
87A sixth gold torc from Ipswich E. J. Owles
88A carving on the porch at Badingham church J. Salmon
90A face carved on a capital in Orford church S. E. Rigold
92Archaeology in Suffolk, 1970 E. J. Owles

Volume XXXI, part 3 (1969)

217Fact and fiction in the legend of St. Edmund D. Whitelock
234The St. Edmund memorial coinage C. E. Blunt
256The eastern arm of the abbey church at Bury St. Edmunds R. Gilyard-Beer
263A twelfth century cycle of New Testament drawings from Bury St. Edmunds abbey E. Parker
303The body of St. Edmund. An essay in necrobiography Norman Scarfe
318Archaeology in Suffolk, 1969 E. J. Owles

Volume XXXI, part 2 (1968)

117The Guildhall, Bury St. Edmunds M. Statham
158A hoard of Early Iron Age gold torcs from Ipswich J. W. Brailsford
160A mediaeval moated farmstead at Debenham E. J. Owles
172Early sculpture at St. Nicholas' Church, Ipswich K. J. Galbraith
185A Roman road at Otley E. J. Owles
188Archaeology in Suffolk, 1968 E. J. Owles, N. Smedley
202The Kettlebaston alabasters [and] The Orford alabaster L. Dow
202The former timber spire of Monks Eleigh Church A. Anderson
206Unpublished writings on Suffolk history L. Dow
208Ancient monuments in Suffolk L. Dow
210Review: The Sutton Hoo Ship-Burial: A Handbook, by R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford N. S[medley?]

Volume XXXI, part 1 (1967)

1The Suffolk Constabulary in the nineteenth century C. Prescott
47A series of Late Middle Bronze Age sites, Wilde Street, Mildenhall T. C. Kelly
57A Roman bronze helmet from Hawkedon K. S. Painter
64Two small medieval houses, Walnut Tree Cottage, Wattisfield and Friars Hall, Rattlesden. The effects of modernisation S. Colman
72Archaeology in Suffolk, 1967 E. J. Owles, N. Smedley
84A sherd of Ipswich Ware with face-mask decoration N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
88Two Belgic cemeteries at Boxford (with notes by C. Wells) E. J. Owles, N. Smedley
104Notes on the cremated bones [Boxford]. (in Owles and Smedley 1967) C. P. B. Wells
108A collared urn of the Early Middle Bronze Age from Chillesford. (with note by C. Wells) E. J. Owles, N. Smedley
109Notes on the cremated bones [Chillesford]. (in Owles and Smedley 1967) C. P. B. Wells

Volume XXX, part 3 (1966)

221A Romano-British bath-house at Stonham Aspal. (with notes by F. W. Anderson, D. Charlesworth, K. F. Hartley, B. R. Hartley and R. A. Harcourt) N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
234Stone [Stonham Aspal]. (in Smedley and Owles 1966) F. W. Anderson
240The glass [Stonham Aspal]. (in Smedley and Owles 1966) D. Charlesworth
247The mortarium [Stonham Aspal] (in Smedley and Owles 1966) K. F. Hartley
247The samian [Stonham Aspal]. (in Smedley and Owles 1966) B. R. Hartley
248The animal remains [Stonham Aspal]. (in Smedley and Owles 1966) R. A. Harcourt
252The Kettlebaston Alabasters M. R. Taylor
255The stewardship of the Liberty of the Eight and a half Hundreds A. Green
263Medieval timber framed houses in East Suffolk — an essay in classification P. J. Hill, D. G. Penrose
270Carved heraldic panels at Newbourne Hall L. Dow
272Livermere Parva: a missing hatchment found L. Dow
275Archaeology in Suffolk, 1966 E. J. Owles, N. Smedley
284Medieval pottery roof ventilator from Weybread G. C. Dunning
285Two token finds in Suffolk Cranbrook, Earl of
285Beccles, No. 14 Northgate J. Philps

Volume XXX, part 2 (1965)

129Kelsale Guildhall (with appendix, Extent of the Manor of Kelsale 1480) C. G. Holland
149A thirteenth century aisled house, Purton Green Farm, Stansfield, Suffolk G. Colman, S. Colman
166Some Anglo-Saxon 'animal'-brooches N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
175Early days of the Wangford Hundred workhouse M. F. Prichard
183Giffords Hall, Stoke by Nayland D. Spittle
188Archaeology in Suffolk, 1965 E. J. Owles, N. Smedley
198Masons' marks F. A. Girling
201The topography of mediaeval Eriswell John Theodore Munday
210A face-mould from the Romano-British kiln site at Homersfield N. Smedley, E. J. Owles

Volume XXX, part 1 (1964)

1Excavations at Sutton Hoo in 1938 R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford
44Some ancient Suffolk parochial libraries J. A. Fitch
88More Suffolk witch-bottles. (with appendix by F. R. Paulsen) N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
92Appendix [witch-bottles contents analysis]. (in Smedley and Owles 1964) F. R. Paulsen
94The Honour of Clare in Suffolk in the early middle ages J. C. Ward
112William Caxton and Suffolk: a supplement N. F. Blake
116Archaeology in Suffolk, 1964 E. J. Owles, N. Smedley

Volume XXIX, part 3 (1963)

233Excavations at Cox Lane (1958) and at the Town Defences, Shire Hall Yard, Ipswich (1959). (with reports by G. C. Dunning, R. H. M. Dolley and D. Charman) S. E. West
278The hone [Ipswich excavations] (in West 1963) V. Evison
279The imported pottery [Ipswich excavations]. (in West 1963) G. C. Dunning
286The coins [Ipswich excavations]. (in West 1963) R. H. M. Dolley
301The documentary evidence [Ipswich excavations]. (in West 1963) D. Charman
304Some Suffolk kilns: IV. Saxon kilns in Cox Lane, Ipswich, 1961. (with notes by M. J. Aitken, C. Wells and N. Scarfe) N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
327Magnetic survey and dating [Cox Lane kilns]. (in Smedley and Owles 1963) M. J. Aitken
329The human skeleton [Cox Lane, Ipswich]. (in Smedley and Owles 1963) C. P. B. Wells
334Historical note [Cox Lane, Ipswich]. (in Smedley and Owles 1963) Norman Scarfe
336A Wealden house at Ixworth, Suffolk S. Colman
342Early sixteenth century decorated bricks at Aspall Hall F. A. Girling
345The Roser family at Hacheston L. Dow
348Archaeology in Suffolk, 1963 E. J. Owles, N. Smedley
355Bronze Age pottery from Suffolk — an additional note N. Smedley, E. J. Owles

Volume XXIX, part 2 (1962)

139William Caxton and Suffolk N. F. Blake
154Some Suffolk Lollards E. Welch
166Archaeology in Suffolk, 1962 E. J. Owles, N. Smedley
175Pottery of the Early and Early Middle Bronze Age in Suffolk N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
198The other Elizabeth Drury: a tragic marriage in the family of John Donne's patron V. Salmon
208The context and date of the Anglian cemetery at Ipswich A. Ozanne
213Mural inscriptions in a house at Woolpit L. Dow
216Two Neolithic axes from Suffolk A. R. Edwardson
217Artefact from Stoke-by-Nayland F. H. A. Engleheart
222A mediaeval curry-comb from Rickinghall Superior G. M. Knocker
223Sherds of a Belgic vessel from Westhall Rudolf, L. de M.

Volume XXIX, part 1 (1961)

1The building of Redgrave Hall, 1545–1554 E. R. Sandeen
34The Naunton pedigree and family papers F. W. Steer
67Some Suffolk kilns: III: A small kiln at Grimstone End, Pakenham N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
73A Beaker burial at West Stow A. R. Edwardson
78Henry Davy, 1793–1865 A. H. Denney
91Archaeology in Suffolk, 1961 N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
103Merchants' marks in Suffolk F. A. Girling

Volume XXVIII, part 3 (1960)

203Some Suffolk kilns: II. Two kilns making colour-coated ware at Grimstone End, Pakenham N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
226The recusancy of Sir Thomas Cornwallis P. McGrath, J. Rowe
272Roman Long Melford N. Smedley
290Archaeology in Suffolk, 1960 N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
297A Stamford Ware pitcher from Ipswich J. G. Hurst
299William Pattisson. a mid-Victorian architect, 1805–1878 W. G. Arnott

Volume XXVIII, part 2 (1959)

109William Stevenson Fitch, 1792–1859 A. H. Denney
136Clare Castle Excavations, 1955. (with Appendices by J. H. Thornton and J. King) G. M. Knocker
146Appendix A: Report on the leather shoe parts and other leather fragments found at Clare Castle. (in Knocker 1959) J. H. Thornton
152Appendix B: Bones from Clare Castle. (in Knocker 1959) J. King
154Further excavations on tumuli at Risby, 1959.(with Appendix by C. P. B. Wells) A. R. Edwardson
161Archaeology in Suffolk, 1959 N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
168Some Suffolk kilns: I. A Romano-British pottery kiln at Homersfield N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
185Whitney and Read: two Regency estate-agents. With a short account of the Worlingham estate 1755–1851 Norman Scarfe
spAppendix: Report on the cremated bones [Risby tumuli]. (in Edwardson 1959) C. P. B. Wells

Volume XXVIII, part 1 (1958)

1Excavations at Calke Wood, Wattisfield, 1956 (with a foreword by Norman Smedley) J. S. Wacher
26Appendix: Brief summary of scientific investigations [Calke Wood]. (in Wacher 1958) L. Biek
29John Lanseter of Bury A. L. Morton
54A 14th century aisled house: Edgar's Farm, Stowmarket J. T. Smith
62Sir Edward Turnour's lighthouses at Orford C. E. Welch
75The great plague in Ipswich 1665–1666 A. G. E. Jones
90Archaeology in Suffolk 1958 N. Smedley, E. J. Owles
97Two witch-bottles from Suffolk F. Merrifield, N. Smedley
101Lafham P. H. Reaney

Volume XXVII, part 3 (1957)

133The Dandy pedigree F. W. Steer
154Sir Richard de Waldegrave of Bures St. Mary, Speaker in the Parliament of 1381–2 J. S. Roskell
176A face urn from Lakenheath G. Briscoe
178Archaeology in Suffolk 1957 N. Smedley, F. A. Aberg
186A Bronze Age burial from Barnham A. R. Edwardson
spAnglo-Saxon animal-brooches from Burgh Castle and Brantham B. J. Philp

Volume XXVII, part 2 (1956)

65Excavations at Framlingham Castle, 1954 G. M. Knocker
81Appendix A: Report on the human remains from the cemetery at Framlingham Castle, (in Knocker 1956) G. C. Dunning
84Appendix B: The human remains from Framlingham Castle, (in Knocker 1956) J. C. Trevor
89Excavations at Gainsborough Road, Bury St. Edmunds A. R. Edwardson
96The financing of the Poor Law Incorporation for the Hundreds of Colneis and Carlford in the county of Suffolk, 1758–1820 H. Fearn
112Archaeology in Suffolk 1956 N. Smedley, G. W. P. Jarvis
120The Elveden silver coin hoard G. Briscoe
123An armorial shield at Shrubland Park L. Dow
124A 16th century sprinkler from Ipswich N. Smedley
125A rare Suffolk token Cranbrook, Earl of

Volume XXVII, part 1 (1955)

1Suffolk church monuments. A preliminary survey C. L. S. Linnell
25Two Suffolk branches of the Reymes family A. L. Raimes
34Little Wratting church P. G. M. Dickinson
37The Turnour chapel at Little Wratting C. E. Welch
41Archaeology in Suffolk, 1954- 1955 N. Smedley, S. E. West
47The Black Death at St. Edmund's Abbey C. Ritchie
51The Worlingworth parish fire engine N. Cribb
54A rare Ipswich token Cranbrook, Earl of
54Francis Mason of Orford J. F. Williams
55Frances Clarkson A. L. Morton
56When did King Redwald die? F. H. A. Engleheart
57Wall painting in Boxford church F. A. Girling
58Hatchments [L. Dow]

Volume XXVI, part 3 (1954)

220Clovesho and Mildenhall P. H. Reaney
233Reeves and greaves P. H. Reaney

Volume XXVI, part 3 (1954)

161Laurence Clarkson [Claxton] A. L. Morton
188Excavations at Grimstone End, Pakenham B. J. W. Brown, G. M. Knocker, N. Smedley, S. E. West
208Funeral hatchments in Suffolk P. G. Summers
214The Savage hatchment at Long Melford L. D[ow]
225Orford church in 1706 L. D[ow]
229Two Bellarmine bottles from Coddenham N. Smedley
230Great Saxham Hall Norman Scarfe
231When did King Redwald die? G. Ward
233A seventeenth century token L. D[ow]
233Ancient Monuments in Suffolk Anon

Volume XXVI, part 2 (1953)

69A Romano-British settlement at Lakenheath, Suffolk G. Briscoe
85The apprenticing of pauper children in the incorporated hundreds of Suffolk H. Fearn
98George Crabbe, 1754–1832. George Crabbe bi-centenary L. D[ow]
137Some land and produce prices in late 18th century Suffolk G. E. Fussell
144Two sixteenth century marriage settlements L. Dow
148Reeves and greaves L. B. Cane

Volume XXVI, part 1 (1952)

1The Snape boat-grave R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford
27Wall paintings in Risby church E. C. Rouse
35Romano-British pottery kilns on West Stow heath S. E. West
54Stephen Gardiner and Bury St Edmunds A. Oswald
58Reydon parish church, near Southwold A. Welford
58Pottery vessel found at Cavendish C. R. Elliott
59Kettleburgh parish church A. Welford
60Byzantine coin found at Ipswich R. H. M. Dolley
61Unpublished writings on Suffolk history H. Fearn

Volume XXV, part 3 (1951)

225A handlist of Suffolk Enclosure acts and awards. (Foreword by the Earl of Stradbroke) W. E. Tate
264The Inventory of Arthur Coke, of Bramfield, 1629 F. W. Steer
288A Suffolk heraldic manuscript L. Dow
296Two townships in Blything Hundred R. T. L. Parr
304Anglo-Saxon burials at Bungay R. R. Clarke
306Christopher Eachard, Vicar of Cransford L. Dow
307Roman finds at Rodbridge, near Long Melford C. R. Elliott
308Early mediaeval occupation site at Rendlesham W. G. Arnott
308An Index to Suckling L. D[ow]
308Suffolk place-names L. D[ow]

Volume XXV, part 2 (1950)

127Framlingham castle and Bigod 1154–1216 R. Brown
149Three Suffolk figures. Thomas Wolsey: Stephen Gardiner: Nicholas Bacon G. S. Thomson
164Kessingland and Walberswick church towers C. Chitty
172The Ipswich Charity Schools of Grey Coat Boys and Blue Coat Girls, 1709–1809 H. Stone
193The rectors of Martlesham H. R. Lingwood
202A mediaeval tablet woven braid from a buckle found at Felixstowe G. M. Crowfoot
203Recent archaeological field work in Suffolk G. Maynard

Volume XXV, part 1 (1949)

1The Sutton Hoo ship-burial. Recent theories and some comments on general interpretation R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford
79Sir John Hayward, an Elizabethan historian. His life and disappointments Norman Scarfe
98John Winthrop (1588–1649) H. J. Cowell
109Anglo-Saxon Thetford G. M. Knocker
110?Roman mill-stone at Frostenden C. Morley
110A Dunwich relic R. W. M. L.
111A Walberswick relic R. W. M. L.
112John Eldred of Great Saxham Norman Scarfe
115George III bank token L. B. Cane
116George Crabbe and Great Glemham Cranbrook, Earl of
117Thomas Bostock (? of Hoxne) L. Dow
118Fifteenth century churchwardens' account A. D. Thompson

Volume XXIV, part 3 (1948)

129A Short History of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History L. Dow
144Indexes to Proceedings, Vols. I-XXIV (1848- 1948) L. Dow
163Roman Suffolk I. E. Moore
182Some materials for a history of printing and publishing in Ipswich S. F. Watson
228Saxon Rendlesham — some preliminary considerations R. L. S. Bruce-Mitford
252The Mildenhall Treasure J. W. Brailsford
254The National Register of Archives L. D[ow]
255Stone coffin at Kettleburgh A. Welford
255Graffito at Newbourne Church A. Welford
256Excavation of the Abbey ruins, Bury St Edmunds H. J. M. M[altby]
257Finds (Amphora from Kedington and flint celts from Thelnetham and Hengrave) H. J. M. M[altby]

Volume XXIV, part 2 (1947)

63Notes on some new and doubtful 17th century Suffolk tokens Cranbrook, Earl of
100The Saxon shore fort at Burgh Castle A. J. Morris
121Bronze Age axes from Halesworth and District I. E. Moore
125Sequestrations in Suffolk L. Dow

Volume XXIV, part 1 (1946)

1Restoration of a XVI century farm house in Suffolk A. Welford
20Suffolk tradesmen's tokens of the 17th century Cranbrook, Earl of
25Old time saltworks in Suffolk E. R. Cooper
30An Armada chest H. Hill
32'Bread Iron' H. Hill
33Agnes Strickland and her birth-place E. R. Cooper
36Report on the removal of a tumulus on Martlesham Heath, Suffolk. May–June, 1942 G. Maynard, H. E. P. Spencer
58Obituary: James Reid Moir, F.R.S. G. M[aynard]
61Obituary: Mr Vincent Burrough Redstone Anon

Volume XXIII, part 3 (1939)

187Inventory of the records deposited by the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology at the Ipswich Public Library L. J. Redstone
202Pargetting in Suffolk F. A. Girling
219A bronze cauldron and other antiquities from north-east Suffolk R. R. Clarke
224The weather vanes of Suffolk. Part II C. J. W. Messent
230The Dunwich Charter of King John, of 1215 E. R. Cooper
236Finds. Roman remains at Needham, near Harlston C. H. Gale
spThird report on excavations at Grey Friars monastery, Dunwich, Suffolk N. E. S. Norris

Volume XXIII, part 2 (1938)

89The family of Reymes of Wherstead in Suffolk A. L. Raimes
116Scratch dials J. W. S. Sewell
128Extracts from Metfield Churchwardens Account Books N. M. Bower
148Mediaeval church sundials T. W. Cole
165The weather vanes of Suffolk. Part I C. J. W. Messent
173Evidence of a Roman fort at Billingford near Scole C. H. Gale
175A 13th century steelyard weight from Bungay H. E. P. Spencer
177John of Gaunt's connection with Thorndon H. A. Harris
179A fragment of Nicolas Trevet on the Mass B. F. C. Atkinson
181Wall paintings at Debenham H. A. Harris
184Review: The Stamps of China (with the Treaty Ports and Formosa), by Leonard B. Cane W. M. L[ummis]
spReviews H. A. Harris
sp'Angulus Anglie.' A corner of Anglia Vincent B. Redstone

Volume XXIII, part 1 (1937)

1'The Merry Monarch' in Suffolk A. Fea
6Claydon and Mockbeggars Hall W. P. Hills
18The market crosses of Suffolk C. J. W. Messent
24Roman remains at Scole House, Scole C. H. Gale
31Divining for water and minerals, etc H. C. Halliday
35A list of scratch dials on Suffolk churches H. A. Harris
42The Shipmeadow Union House E. Mann
50IV. Extracts from wills and other material, showing the history of Suffolk churches, chantries and guilds (Appendix to article published in Proceedings Vol XII) Vincent B. Redstone
79Finds. Socketed Celts L. B. Cane
83John Wilbye, 1574–1638 Sir J. Wood
spReviews H. A. Harris

Volume XXII, part 3 (1936)

231Glass-painters in England before the Reformation C. Woodforde
244The old cottages and farm-houses of Suffolk C. J. W. Messent
263Roman remains in Scole C. H. Gale, I. E. Moore
287First report on excavations at Grey Friars monastery, Dunwich, Suffolk N. E. S. Norris
294Catalogue of beneficed clergy of Suffolk, 1551–1631 (with a few of earlier date) R. F. Bullen
334Bungay Castle: Notes on 1936 excavations and on pottery from the mortar layer H. Braun, G. Dunning
339The Roman settlement at Stanton Chair (Chare) near Ixworth, Suffolk G. Maynard, B. Brown
342Obituary: Mr H. C. Casley Vincent B. Redstone
343Review: The English Castle, by Hugh Braun H. A. Harris

Volume XXII, part 2 (1935)

141The buried shafts at Ipswich J. R. Moir
150Late fourth-century hoard of Aes 4 from Little Bealings, (repr. from Numism. Chron., with notes by F. S. Stevenson and Vincent B. Redstone) J. W. E. Pearce
153An Eighteenth Century Smuggler B. S. Harvey
155Rumburgh Priory church L. B. Cane
170Lady Elizabeth Felton and her daughters A. L. Browne
178Reports on a Roman pottery making site at Foxledge Common, Wattisfield, Suffolk G. Maynard, B. Brown, H. E. P. Spencer, W. F. Grimes, I. E. Moore
198Notes on the excavation of Temple Hill, Dunwich, December 1935 H. E. P. Spencer
201Bungay Castle, report on the excavations H. Braun
224A font of the Suffolk type at Staple, Kent J. Salmon
225Hakluyt of Wetheringsett (Review: The Original Writings and Correspondence of the two Richard Hakluyts, with an Introduction and Notes, by E. G. R. Taylor, DSc, London, 1935) W. W. Lillie
228In Memoriam. The Rev. Edmund Farrer and Miss Nina Frances Layard F. S. Stevenson

Volume XXII, part 1 (1934)

1The stained and painted glass in Hengrave Hall, Suffolk C. Woodforde
17A list of the aldermen and bailiffs of Bury St. Edmunds from the twelfth to the sixteenth century M. D. Lobel
29Catalogue of the beneficed clergy of Suffolk, 1086–1550 Claude Morley
86Description of the ancient manuscripts in the Ipswich Public Libraries M. R. James
104Suffolk chimneys of the sixteenth century F. A. Girling
108Wall-paintings discovered at the Manor House, Mildenhall G. M. Benton
109Some notes on Bungay Castle H. Braun
120Screenwork in the county of Suffolk. Part IV. Southwold W. W. Lillie
127Excursion in East Suffolk. June 15th 1934 W. M. Lummis
131Barham, Shrubland Park, Coddenham (Excursion). Friday, July 20th, 1934 W. M. Lummis
136Review: Royal Arms and Commandments in our churches, by H Munro Cautley, A.R.I.B.A. H. A. Harris
138Review: The Monastic Remains of Norfolk and Suffolk, by Claude J. W. Messent, A.R.I.B.A. H. A. Harris

Volume XXI, part 3 (1933)

179Screenwork in the county of Suffolk. Part III. Panels painted with saints W. W. Lillie
203The Gaol of Bury St. Edmunds M. D. Lobel
208Some additions to Andre Reville's account of events at Bury St. Edmunds following on the Revolt of 1381 M. D. Lobel
215A detailed account of the 1327 rising at Bury St. Edmunds and the subsequent trial M. D. Lobel
232The fifteenth-century glass in Blythburgh church C. Woodforde
240The Roman villa at Castle Hill, Whitton, Ipswich J. R. Moir, G. Maynard
263Finds Anon
263In Memoriam: Mr W. E. Harrison and the Rev. Graves Lombard F. S. Stevenson

Volume XXI, part 2 (1932)

91The mediaeval glass in Yaxley church C. Woodforde
98S. Robert of Bury St Edmunds H. Hill
108The symbology of above (St Robert of Bury, Copinger Hill 1932) H. A. Harris
110Moulton pack-horse bridge A. A. Watkins
131Ancient sun alignments. The meaning of artificial mounds and mark stones H. Hudson
139The swan-marks of Suffolk N. F. Ticehurst
153The retable at Thornham Parva W. W. Lillie
166Seals of the Priory of Stoke-by-Clare E. Farrer
170Restoration of Yaxley pulpit Anon
171Symbolism in Long Melford church F. S. Stevenson
172The Trinity rabbits. Notes with reference to paper on Long Melford glass, (XXI p. 63) L. W. H. Whitehead
174Excursions. (19 May 1932: Lavenham, Cockfield and Hesset). (25 July 1932, Moulton, Cheveley, Lydgate and the Saxhams.) Anon
176Review: The Landscape of England, by C. B. Ford H. A. Harris

Volume XXI, part 1 (1931)

1Early Suffolk heraldry E. Farrer
53Restoration and reconstruction of All Saints, Thorndon H. A. Harris
63Two unusual subjects in ancient glass in Long Melford church C. Woodforde
67Excursions. 1: Playford Hall and church (Culpho, Grundisburgh church, Basts house, Burgh church, Thistleton Hall, Otley Hall, Helmingham Hall, Witnesham church, Grundisburgh Hall, Westerfield church, 28 May 1931); 2: In Bloomfield's country (Fornham All Saints, Ampton, Euston Hall, Thetford. 30 June 1931); 3: Loes Hundred (Framlingham castle, Brandeston Hall, Kettleburgh, Kettleburgh Hall, Hoo, Letheringham, Martley Hall, Easton church, 30 July 1931); 4: Combs church (Barking, Hintlesham.,25 Aug 1931) G. Lombard
77Obituary: E. G. Pretyman, J. Holland Rose, Sir Edward Packard, Miss Rosa Crisp, Father Bernard McCaul, Mr J. L. Biddell F. S. Stevenson
88Reviews H. A. Harris

Volume XX, part 3 (1930)

255Screenwork in the county of Suffolk. Part II. Colour decoration W. W. Lillie
265The seal of a prior of Stoke-by-Clare E. Farrer
270The Chapel of St Nicholas, Gipping, Suffolk P. J. Turner
278Heraldry in Gipping Chapel E. Farrer
280Great Ashfield cross H. Hill
287Kedington cross (with a note by G. Baldwin Brown) H. Hill
314Reviews H. A. Harris
317Obituary: Canon Frederick Edward Warren Anon
318Obituary: Lord Francis Hervey S. H. A. H[ervey]
320Treasure-Trove H. A. Harris
322Red deer R. S. Adair

Volume XX, part 2 (1929)

117The family of William Sancroft, Archbishop of Canterbury C. Boyce
125Windmills. With special reference to those in Suffolk A. Woolford
147The Dunthorne MSS E. Farrer
186Everard Bishop of Norwich L. Landon
199Suffolk courts in English S. Andrews, L. J. Redstone
214Screenwork in the county of Suffolk. Part I. Development and types W. W. Lillie
227The Lord Lieutenancy of Suffolk under the Tudors Anon
232Fossil remains of the red deer Vincent B. Redstone
233Excursions. 1: Framlingham and neighbourhood (Framlingham church, Dennington, Badingham, Sibton abbey and church, Bruisyard Hall and church, Framlingham church and castle, 12 June 1929, with observations by Vincent B. Redstone); 3: (Trimley St Mary and St Martin churches, Old Felixstowe church, Nacton church, Alnesbourne Priory, Orwell Park, Broke Hall, 8 Aug 1929, with observations by V. B. Redstone, C. H. Evelyn-White, E. R. H. Hancox and C. Morley) G. L[ombard]
237Two West Suffolk Excursions. (Rushbrook Hall and church, Hawstead church, Coldham Hall Stanningfield, Stanningfield church, 12 July 1929): (Exning, Burwell church, Swaffham Prior, Devil's Dyke, Newmarket Jockey Club, Newmarket town, 30 Aug 1929) H. Hill
247Obituary: Mrs. Beatrice M. Andrews Vincent B. Redstone
247Obituary: Canon C. G. Blaxland T. O. W.
251Review: The Cottages of England, by Basil Oliver H. A. Harris
spReviews F. S. Stevenson

Volume XX, part 1 (1928)

1The Island of Lothingland, 1584 Vincent B. Redstone
9Letheringham Abbey E. Farrer
11The early archdeacons of Norwich diocese L. Landon
36Suffolk limiters L. J. Redstone
43Notes on some families and brasses at Great Thurlow and Little Bradley, Suffolk H. C. Andrews
48St Peter's Hall, South Elmham E. Farrer
73List of deeds recently acquired by the Institute E. Farrer
80Notes on Suffolk manuscript books L. J. Redstone
93Excursions. Yare-mouth and Burgh Castle (11 May 1928) G. Lombard
97Excursion in the Debenham District (Debenham, Crows Hall, Framsden Hall, High House Otley, 13 September 1928, with observations by E. Farrer) Anon
101Excursions: Long Melford neighbourhood. (Polstead, Boxford, Chilton Hall, Acton, Long Melford Hall, Kentwell Hall, Long Melford Church, 11 June 1928, with observations by C. Morley) Anon
104Excursion in South Elmham district. (St Peter's Church, St Peter's Hall, St Margaret, South Elmham Hall, South Elmham Minster, Rumburgh church, Wissett, Halesworth, 3 Aug 1928, with observations by E. Farrer and V. B. Redstone) Anon
110(painted inscriptions at Gislingham church) T. A. P.
110Debenham Church Vincent B. Redstone
112Finds H. A. Harris
113Review: A History of Clare, Suffolk, by Gladys A. Thornton H. A. Harris

Volume XIX, part 3 (1927)

255St. Saviour's Hospital, Bury St Edmunds E. R. Burdon
286Mediaeval mural paintings H. A. Harris
304List of Suffolk churches associated with mural paintings H. A. Harris
313Some pedigrees of Denny, Le Denneys, etc H. L. L. Denny
338Antient tales in Aryan numeration G. H. Hunter
345The 1927 Excursions C. Morley, G. Lombard
352The Burgate Hall charters E. Farrer
354Brass of John Thurston at Cavenham H. Green
355Church plate, Shelland H. Hill
357Review: The Antiquity of Man in East Anglia by J. Reid Moir H. A. Harris
359Review: The Life and Works of Thomas Lupset, with a Critical text &c. by John Archer Gee Vincent B. Redstone
360Review: Bures of England and Burr of New England, by Chauncey Rea Burr W. G. C. Carwardine-Probert
364Finds H. A. Harris
365In Memoriam: The Late Earl of Iveagh, K.P. H. T. G.

Volume XIX, part 2 (1926)

99Excavations on the site of the Augustinian alien Priory of Great Bricett, Suffolk F. H. Fairweather
110The present state of the Elmham controversy F. S. Stevenson
117The Suffolk coast: Orford Ness J. A. Steers
141Sequestrations in Suffolk (Part II) R. F. Bullen
168A check-list of the sacred buildings of Suffolk, to which are added Gilds Claude Morley
212Muster Rolls of Territorials in Tudor times E. C. Powell
227Combretonium and Brettenham H. Hill
233The 1926 Excursions C. Morley
241Two Suffolk Forests H. Green
252In Memoriam: Mr Thomas Tindal Methold Anon
252In Memoriam: His Highness Prince Frederick Duleep Singh, F.S.A.., M.V.O., M.A. Anon
253In Memoriam: Lady Wood Anon
253Edwards of Dennington and Framlingham, County Suffolk (Pedigree) Anon
spReviews H. A. Harris

Volume XIX, part 1 (1925)

1The Suffolk shore. Yarmouth to Aldeburgh J. A. Steers
15Sequestrations in Suffolk R. F. Bullen
52Muster Rolls of Territorials in Tudor times E. Powell
72A Chancery case illustrating life in Clare at the end of the sixteenth century G. A. Thornton
78Arms and epitaphs in parish churches, chiefly of Suffolk and Essex visited by William Tyllotson between 1594 and 1600 W. G. C. Carwardine-Probert
80The Wenhaston Doom M. J. Becker
82The five excursions of 1925 C. Morley
84Excursion in Rougham, Hessett, and Woolpit district Vincent B. Redstone
87A Suffolk Find (poem) H. Gaskell
91Notes: Brandon Church, and Long Melford F. R. Mason
91Bucklesham church tower J. F. Williams
92Note from Bury St Edmunds E. C. Freeman
93(Notice of discoveries at Hitcham and Eastlow Hill) H. Hill
94Manors of Suffolk (information received) Anon
95Review: Wingfield: Its Church, Castle and College, by S. W. H. Aldwell H. A. Harris
97In Memoriam: Caroline Louisa Pickthall (pseud. Carol Christie) H. A. Harris
97Harvest Time (poem) C. L. Pickthall

Volume XVIII, part 3 (1924)

180Muster Rolls of Territorials in Tudor times [E. Powell]
211Part of the Peddar Way in Suffolk H. Hill
222Thorndon before the Conquest H. A. Harris
235An ancient deed box E. Farrer
239'The Plowers' (poem) C. L. Pickthall
242Excursions during 1924 C. Morley
244The Essex and Suffolk border — Kedington — the Bumpsteads J. H. Round
247Ipswich Excursion (26 May 1924) Anon
249Excursion to Baylham, Nettlestead and district (15 August 1924) Anon
252Notes — Thetford Museum H. Green
253Finds [H. A. Harris]
254Obituary: Mr Algernon Beckford Bevan, J.P. Anon
spReviews H. A. Harris
spThe Sea Port of Frostenden Claude Morley, E. R. Cooper

Volume XVIII, part 2 (1923)

91{Clovesho — the councils and the locality Claude Morley
107Clovesho disclosed H. A. Harris
111The witan of Godmundesley: an evidence of location F. S. Stevenson
123The parsons and patrons of Ampton W. A. Wickham
144Circular towers Claude Morley
159Excursions during 1923 Claude Morley
161Barton Hill tumulus (notice of excavation) Anon
164In memoriam: Frederick Arthur Crisp H. A. Harris
164Suffolk `Finds', 1923 [H. A. Harris]
spReviews H. A. Harris

Volume XVIII, part 1 (1922)

1On traces of Saxon architecture yet remaining in the county of Suffolk Claude Morley
29St Botolph (Botwulf) and Iken F. S. Stevenson
51Note on the configuration of Suffolk in Anglo-Saxon times Claude Morley
52The Wren family of Suffolk, &c., showing Sir Christopher Wren's association with East Anglia W. Gandy
53Henry Coggeshall of Orford. Inventor and mathematician. A Tercentenary Memoir H. W. B. W[ayman]
66Hepworth and its rectors T. T. Methold
70The Suffolk coast delineated in the 13th century Vincent B. Redstone
72Excursions. August 10th, 1922. (Livermere, Ampton, Wordwell, West Stow Hall, Hengrave Hall) H. A. Harris
75Excursions. The Bury Meeting, 5th July 1922 Claude Morley
77Notes. Creeting St Peter (wall painting uncovered) H. A. Harris
77Clovesho disclosed (?) H. A. Harris
79Obituary: Rev. Francis J. Eld, M.A., F.S.A. E. F[arrer]
80Subject Index of Suffolk Institute Proceedings 1898–1921. (Vols X–XVII) R. F. Bullen

Volume XVII, part 3 (1921)

151The Venerable Francis Mason. (Vindex Ecclesiae Anglicanae). Rector of Sudbourne cum Orford, Suffolk. A Tercentenary Memoir H. W. B. W[ayman]
163The origin, purposes, and development of Parish Gilds in England H. F. Westlake
175The Ampton sealed book W. A. Wickham
182Freckenham, Suffolk: notes and theories on the village and its unrecorded castle Claude Morley
193Excursion to Hadleigh (21 July 1921) Anon
197Bramford excursion (19 May 1921) Anon
199The site of St Peter's Hospital chapel (Bury) H. A. Harris
199Review: Early Suffolk Tracts, Pamphlets and Printed Sheets, Vol I, 1473–1650, by J Harvey Bloom Anon
200Review: Towns of New England and Old England, Ireland and Scotland Anon
202Obituary: George Gery Milner-Gibson-Cullum Anon

Volume XVII, part 2 (1920)

94{Suffolk `Dane-Stones' Claude Morley
97'Nonarum Inquisitiones' for Suffolk W. A. Wickham
123Notes on the history of Shrubland Wood, The Hon. E. (Evelyn de Saumarez)
127Notes on St Mary the Virgin, Coddenham Anon
135Notes on Needham Market E. T. Lingwood
142Summer Excursion, July 29th 1920. Needham Market, Coddenham and Hemingstone Anon
14617th century mural ornament (Cumberland Street, Woodbridge) Vincent B. Redstone
149In Memoriam: Mr Francis Charles Peecock Anon
149In Memoriam: Deputy-Surgeon General W. A. Smith-Wynne Anon
spSt. David (report of lecture) [B. Browning]

Volume XVII, part 1 (1919)

1Flint tools showing well-defined finger-grips N. F. Layard
13The font at Monks' Soham, Suffolk Claude Morley
21Inventories of the College of Stoke-by-Clare taken in 1534 and 1547–8 W. H. St.J. Hope
78Editor's Notes. Annual Excursion. (26 July 1919, Thetford and Grimes Graves) N. F. Layard
80H.H. Prince Frederick Duleep Singh's lecture at Ipswich. Repairing or restoring. (repr. from EADT) Anon
83Editor's Notes. Contributions to learned Societies, etc., and recent excavations N. F. Layard
84Review: Pre-Palaeolithic Man, by J. Reid Moir N. F. Layard
85In Memoriam: Sir William Henry St. John Hope, Litt. D., D.C.L. A. H. T.
86In Memoriam: The Rev. A. W. Darwin, M.A. Anon
86In Memoriam: The Rev. Canon Maurice Byles Cowell Anon
spIn Memoriam: Major-General N. W. Barnardiston, C.B. Anon
spIn Memoriam: Mr H. Lord Anon
spIn Memoriam: Colonel Edward John Dewing Anon
spIn Memoriam: The Rev. Canon William Roland Raven-Hart Anon
spIn Memoriam: The Rev. F. D. Brown Anon

Volume XVI, part 3 (1918)

187Notes on Bury corner posts J. S. Corder
196Extracts from the Chevallier papers, 1728–1762 F. E. M. Chevallier
211Muster Rolls of the Territorials in Tudor times E. Powell
219A catalogue of the birds of the Stour estuary. Part II W. B. Nichols
229Mary Beale G. Milner-Gibson-Cullum
252St Fursey F. E. Warren
278Anglo-Saxon Relics (account of lecture) [N. F. Layard]
280Men and animals of a bygone age (account of lecture) J. R. Moir
282Obituary notices — Mr Monteith Ogilvie, and The Rev. William Symonds, M.A. Anon

Volume XVI, part 2 (1917)

72Wulcy of Suffolk Vincent B. Redstone
90Muster Rolls of the Territorials in Tudor times E. Powell
98The ancient flint implements of Suffolk J. R. Moir
135Yaxley Hall. Its owners and occupiers. Part II E. Farrer
167A catalogue of the birds of the Stour estuary. Part I W. B. Nichols
179Bronze patera found at Wickham Market, Suffolk J. R. Whitwell
181Anglo-Saxon urns found near Lackford H. R. Barker
183Stonham Aspal notes: bats and a medal A. W. Darwin
183Service at the Old Minster at South Elmham N. F. Layard
184(summary of recent work) J. R. Moir

Volume XVI, part 1 (1916)

1Yaxley Hall. Its owners and occupiers. Part I E. Farrer
29The Old Minster at South Elmham classified and described in 1897 J. T. Micklethwaite
36Muster Rolls of the Territorials in Tudor Times E. Powell
44Barnardiston vaults in Kedington church W. H. B.
49Thorndon lions and other symbols H. A. Harris
65'The Live and Let Live', Coddenham, Suffolk J. S. Corder
67(White-tailed eagle seen near Euston) R. B. Caton
67Grundisburgh Vincent B. Redstone
68Discoveries made by residents in Ipswich and the neighbourhood N. F. Layard

Volume XV, part 3 (1915)

229Cratfield Church. The font A. J. Bedell
238Muster Rolls of the Territorials in Tudor times E. Powell
253Old bronze seal recently found in Suffolk J. S. Corder
255Suffolk under arms Vincent B. Redstone
267Ancient Roman settlement at Long Melford J. S. Holden
269Accounts and Diary of Rev. John Rhodes, Rector of Barton Mills, 1662–1667 E. Powell
291Early Suffolk Wills Vincent B. Redstone
305Roman denarius, Stonham Aspal A. W. Darwin
305Massachusetts and Suffolk accents A. W. Darwin

Volume XV, part 2 (1914)

87Edwardstone: its church and Priory Anon
100Whelnetham Magna. Suit re Advowson (1286) Anon
113Muster Rolls of the Territorials in Tudor times E. Powell
144Suffolk county records: extracts from the Sessions Order Book, 1639–1651 Anon
183Slavery and serfdom in England, with special reference to East Anglia F. E. Warren
212Excursions 1914 (30–31 July 1914: Bures, Sudbury, Castle Hedingham) Anon
218The ancient chapel of Bures Anon
225(bird observations) R. B. Caton
225Reticulated stones at Stutton F. J. Eld
225Suffolk wills listed in Woodruff Calendar Vincent B. Redstone
226Discoveries in Ipswich and the neighbourhood N. F. Layard
spThe Liberty of St Edmund L. J. Redstone

Volume XV, part 1 (1913)

1The ancient helmets in Eye church J. S. Corder
3The Nayland figure-stone N. F. Layard
9Pre-Palaeolithic Man J. R. Moir
16Hadleigh deanery and its court. Two Acta books of the Deanery of Bocking Anon
45Robert Bloomfield, the Suffolk poet Anon
63Excursions, 1913 Anon
65Melton Old Gaol Vincent B. Redstone
74Annual excursion (Thetford, 14 Aug 1913) Anon
79Excursion to Euston Hall and district (15 Aug 1913) Anon
82Restorations at Lavenham — The GuildHall and The Market Cross H. L.
83Restorations at Lavenham — Half timbered house at the junction of Lady Street and Water Street H. W.
84Great Fakenham (bird observations) R. B. Caton
84Woodbridge — Seckford Hall repairs Vincent B. Redstone
84Discoveries in Ipswich and the neighbourhood N. F. Layard

Volume XIV, part 3 (1912)

287The wodewose in East Anglian church decoration H. D. Ellis
294Hintlesham Hall J. S. Corder
305Ancient camp, Alpheton J. S. Holden
308Visit to Hintlesham Hall (20 July 1912) Anon
310Excursions to the Old Minster and Dunwich (1 Aug 1912) Anon
319Site of Rumburgh Priory Vincent B. Redstone
323South Elmham Deanery Vincent B. Redstone
332House of the Knights Templars, Dunwich Vincent B. Redstone
339General index to vol. XIV Anon.

Volume XIV, part 2 (1911)

111A Bailiff's Roll of the Manor of Lawshall, 1393–4 H. W. Saunders
147The Blois MSS E. Farrer
227Brome Hall The Hon. A. R. Bateman-Hanbury
238Ipswich Port books Vincent B. Redstone
243'Poltering for a galloona.' The Thorpeness finds, April 1911 C. Ganz
249Eye Castle H. A. Harris
259Note on the Red Book of Eye F. E. Warren
261Excursions in the Eye district (3 Aug 1911) Anon
267Hardwick House, Bury St Edmunds L. J. Redstone
275Picture at Hardwick House of a window formerly in the Abbey of Bury St Edmunds. The “Iconotypicon Buriense” of Spelman Anon
280Cullum letters Vincent B. Redstone
286Roman finds from Long Melford H. H. Almack

Volume XIV, part 1 (1910)

xivAnnual Report for 1910 F. E. Warren
1A few notes on an iron Anglo-Saxon brooch supposed to have been found at Hoxne,Suffolk C. W. Low
6The existence of an early palaeolithic bed beneath the glacial boulder clays in south-west Suffolk J. S. Holden
9Calendar of Exchequer Depositions by commission during the reigns of Elizabeth and James I, relating to the County of Suffolk (with indices) R. F. Bullen
59Animal remains from the railway cutting at Ipswich (including bones and teeth of a heavy-limbed horse) N. F. Layard
69The earthwork near Butley Gray, H. St.G.
91Annual Excursion. Sudbury, Clare and Long Melford. July 28th and 29th, 1910 Anon
94St Peter's Church, Sudbury, and All Saints' Church, Sudbury B. Oliver
99Early Sudbury clothiers Vincent B. Redstone
105Early Sudbury records E. Stokes
108Clare Priory Anon
110Excursion to Peterborough Cathedral (18 Aug. 1910) Anon

Volume XIII, part 3 (1909)

255An account of the discovery of Roman remains at Old Newton C. W. Low
311“First Minister's Account” of the possessions of the Abbey of St. Edmund L. J. Redstone
367Roman finds at Sweffling P. Clark
369Marking and transplantation experiments with Plaice, and some notes on the natural history of that fish A. Naturalist
382Freston Tower. (Read 5 Aug 1909) C. R. Durrant
spCalendar of the muniments of the Borough of Sudbury E. Stokes, L. J. Redstone

Volume XIII, part 2 (1908)

113The discovery of prehistoric implements at Danecroft, Stowmarket St.J. F. M. Fancourt
133Presbyterian Church Government in Suffolk, 1643–1647 Vincent B. Redstone
176The Warbanks at Cockfield E. Hill
178List of Rectors with sundry documents relating to church matters at Barton Mills E. Powell
191St. Edmund's Bury and town rental for 1295 Vincent B. Redstone
223Middleton, Suffolk. A mural painting C. Ganz
225Rendham. Unique Roman find C. Ganz
227The Norfolk helmet in Framlingham Church, Suffolk C. Ganz
233Drury helmet. Hawstead Church C. Ganz
234Great Wenham, Suffolk. Memorials of the East family C. Ganz
237On Milden Church. (Read 29 Jul 1908) W. D. Churchill
240Observations on Monks Eleigh Church (Read 29 Jul 1908) A. F. Northcote
243Lindsey Church and Chapel Anon
250Architectural details of Lindsey Chapel H. J. Wright
252Review: Fonts and Font Covers, by Francis Bond F. E. Warren

Volume XIII, part 1 (1907)

1Anglo-Saxon cemetery, Hadleigh Road, Ipswich N. F. Layard
20Nicholas of Kenton F. S. Stevenson
24The discovery of Roman remains at Aldeburgh. May 1907 C. Ganz
43Extracts from the diary of Sir James Thornhill, May 16th, 1711 J. S. Corder
44The Booke of Subscriptions (1663–1705) W. Symonds
57Tabular lists from Mr Redstone's Calendar of Bury Wills C. S. Partridge
103Suffolk workers of Elizabethan church plate H. C. Casley
108Mettingham Church Anon

Volume XII, part 3 (1906)

1Calendar of pre-reformation wills, testaments, probates, administrations, registered at the Probate Office, Bury St. Edmunds Vincent B. Redstone
236Observations on the Warbanks at Shimpling Thorne Court E. Hill

Volume XII, part 2 (1905)

137The taxation of Ipswich for the Welsh war in 1282 E. Powell
158An Ipswich worker of Elizabethan church plate, with a schedule of pre-Reformation or Elizabethan plate with provincial worker's mark H. C. Casley
184The Chaucer-Malyn family, Ipswich Vincent B. Redstone
200Account of the Institute's participation in the Crabbe Commemoration at Aldeburgh, 16–18 Sep 1905 [Vincent B. Redstone]
202Aldeburgh. I. Its history (202–211). II. The Church (S. Peter and S. Paul) (211–215). (Read 16 Sep 1905) Vincent B. Redstone
218Debenham: its Halls and manors Anon
223Crabbe as a botanist J. Groves

Volume XII, part 1 (1904)

1Chapels, Chantries and Gilds in Suffolk Vincent B. Redstone
88Haughley Park and the Sulyards. (Read 24 Jun 1903) A. Dimock
97The Tollemaches of Bentley C. Roundell
100The Tollemaches of Helmingham C. Roundell
113Helmingham Hall at the close of the Nineteenth Century C. Roundell
131Report of the Proceedings of the Congress of Archaeological Societies C. S. Partridge
132Lidgate, its castle and manor (Communication, 27 Jul 1904) [Vincent B. Redstone]

Volume XI, part 3 (1903)

267Records of the Sudbury Archdeaconry II. Terriers and Surveys Vincent B. Redstone
301Notes on Suffolk Castles. I. Haughley Castle and its Park. (301–7) II. Burgh Castle. (308–314) III. Mettingham College and Castle, 1562. (315–319) Vincent B. Redstone
320List of the marine mollusca recorded as found in Suffolk C. Greene
326Notes on some East Suffolk neoliths W. A. Dutt
335Neolithic Suffolk E. R. H. Hancox
337Romano-British pottery, near Ipswich J. S. Corder
369Lowestoft china factory H. C. Casley

Volume XI, part 2 (1902)

149Obituary notice of the late Lord John Hervey W. B. Gurdon
152Extent of Hadleigh Manor, 1305 J. Hervey
173Nomina Villarum, Co. Suffolk, 1316 Vincent B. Redstone
200Neolithic Suffolk E. R. H. Hancox
205Observations at Otley Hall (Communication, 11 Jun 1902) [Vincent B. Redstone]
209Hadleigh (Communication, 28 Jul 1902) -. Blakiston
216The Priory, and The Church. (Communication, 28 Jul 1902) W. B. Gray
220Polstead Church. (Communication, 28 Jul 1902) F. J. Eld
225Assington Church and Hall. (Communication, 28 Jul 1902) B. Gurdon
228Ash Bocking (Read 6 Aug 1902) M. B. Cowell
246Tudenham St. Martin Vincent B. Redstone
spRecords of the Sudbury Archdeaconry Vincent B. Redstone

Volume XI, part 1 (1901)

1The condition of the Archdeaconries of Suffolk and Sudbury in the year 1603 Anon
47A Suffolk Captain of the time of Queen Elizabeth J. H. Josselyn
50Survey of Orford Castle, 1600 Anon
51The flint-work inscription on Blythburgh Church Gowers, Sir W. R.
62On the church of All Saints at Icklingham (Communication 1 Aug 1901) -. Cartwright
71Observations on Little Wenham Church and Hall (Communication 31 Aug 1901) [Vincent B. Redstone]
75Address at third Annual Conversazione, 6 Nov 1901 F. S. Stevenson
77On the parentage of Cardinal Wolsey (Read 6 Nov 1901) Vincent B. Redstone
81Gild of S. Peter in Bardwell: entries referring to the Gild of St Peter, Churchwardens' account re Church of Ss. Peter and Paul in Bardwell, and Townwardens' accounts re “Town” or “Charity Estate” in Bardwell — from an old MS Volume in Bardwell Parish Church F. E. Warren
134A pre-Reformation village gild F. E. Warren
spIckworth and Little Saxham S. H. A. Hervey

Volume X, part 3 (1900)

345Stansfield parish notes J. R. Little
360Obituary notice of the Rev. Francis Haslewood, A.K.C., F.S.A. F. G. Haslewood
366Note on an ancient leather case from Sweffling Church, Suffolk J. H. Rivett-Carnac
369Leather case at Sweffling E. Farrer
380The Arms of Sir Robert Naunton (with notes by P. C. Rushen) Anon
382Badingham Vincent B. Redstone
394Tholdman J. J. Raven
399Index to descriptive catalogue of ancient deeds in the Public Record Office Anon

Volume X, part 2 (1899)

125The rise and devolution of the manors in Hepworth, Suffolk (Part 2) W. J. Corbett, T. Methold
144Obituary notice of the late Canon C. R. Manning, F.S.A. J. J. Raven
150Partridge of Acton, Sudbury, and Lavenham, Suffolk (Part 1) C. S. Partridge
169Pakenham C. W. Jones
176Notes on the parish and parish church of Walsham le Willows C. D. Gordon
183Recent discoveries on the site of the Carmelite Convent of Ipswich, and the old river quay N. F. Layard
189The Carmelites of Ipswich Vincent B. Redstone
196The White Friars at Ipswich B. Zimmerman
205Orford and its Castle Vincent B. Redstone
231Dennington Church Notes J. J. Raven
233Moyses' Hall. The new Museum of Bury St Edmund's J. Jennings
237Collection of brass rubbings in the possession of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology Anon
251A descriptive catalogue of ancient deeds in the Public Record Office [Suffolk notices] Anon
spIndex of articles, contributions, papers, published in the Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology during the years 1848–1898, Vols I.-IX. inclusive Anon

Volume X, part 1 (1898)

1The “Old Minster”, South Elmham J. J. Raven
7John Lydgate, Monk of Bury J. Greene
17Obituary notice of John Greene 1810–1867 Anon
19The rise and devolution of the manors in Hepworth, Suffolk (Part 1) W. J. Corbett, T. Methold
53Our Lady of Ipswich F. Haslewood
56The Sandling. (I) Sutton : (II) Staverton and Butley Gateway: (III) Orford Vincent B. Redstone
97Catalogue of books, MSS., &c., in the Library of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History Anon

Volume IX, part 3 (1897)

279Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Blackburne C. R. Manning
289Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Fordham C. R. Manning
292Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Thurlow C. R. Manning
298Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Wilford E. C. Hopper
307Ministers of Suffolk ejected 1643–4 F. Haslewood
311Parish register of Bradfield St Clare. 1541 to 1595 F. Haslewood
332Burgh, near Woodbridge J. J. Raven
338The Church and Priory of S. Mary, Woodbridge J. Arnott
345Woodbridge, its history and antiquity Vincent B. Redstone
359The Seckfords of Seckford Hall Vincent B. Redstone
370Lavenham Church tower H. C. Malden
373The Grey-Friars monastery, Ipswich B. P. Grimsey

Volume IX, part 2 (1896)

145Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Bosmere M. B. Cowell
163Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Carlford E. C. Hopper
168Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Claydon E. C. Hopper
173Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Ipswich F. Haslewood, E. C. Hopper
184Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Loes A. W. Bergh
192Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Samford W. W. B. Ponsonby
203Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Hadleigh C. S. Partridge
218Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Stow C. R. Manning
225Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Mildenhall C. R. Manning
231(Observations at Halesworth) A. R. Upcher
234Monumental inscriptions in Halesworth Church and churchyard F. Haslewood
256Rumburgh J. J. Raven
262A sepulchral monument at Newton by Sudbury C. R. Manning
271Sir Robert Curson, otherwise Lord Curson J. Glyde

Volume IX, part 1 (1895)

1Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Clare A. Hamp
11Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of North Dunwich E. C. Hopper
19Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of South Dunwich E. C. Hopper
26Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Lavenham C. J. Betham
35Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Lothingland E. C. Hopper
46Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Orford E. C. Hopper
53Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of South Elmham E. C. Hopper
57Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Sudbury C. R. Manning
67Church plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Thedwardstre C. W. Jones
77Remarks on the history of education in East Anglia J. J. Raven
86(Addresses at Kentwell Hall and Melford Hall, Long Melford) J. E. Taylor
90Great Waldingfield Church C. A. Stokes
94Rectors of Great Waldingfield F. Haslewood
102Monumental inscriptions at Great Waldingfield F. Haslewood
111Little Waldingfield Church F. Haslewood
131Brettenham and the Wenyeve family C. J. Betham

Volume VIII, part 3 (1894)

298Church Plate in Suffolk: Deanery of Thingoe E. M. Dewing
310Church Plate in Suffolk: Deanery of Hartismere C. R. Manning
324Church Plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Wangford E. C. Hopper
331Church Plate in Suffolk. Deanery of Colneis E. C. Hopper
334The chapel of St Margaret, Mells. The ruin and its history Gowers, Sir W. R.
380The parish of Hepworth, and its rectors T. T. Methold
408The Vicars of Pakenham C. W. Jones
413Observations at Southwold Church (5 Jul 1894) Grubbe, Capt.
416Walberswick (5 Jul 1894) T. H. R. Oakes
422Blythburgh (5 Jul 1894) T. H. R. Oakes
425Blythburgh Priory, and Holy Rood Chapel (5 Jul 1894) H. Watling
427Observations at Blyford Church (5 Jul 1894) J. F. Noott

Volume VIII, part 2 (1893)

121The ancient families of Suffolk (from the notes of Sir Richard Gipps) F. Haslewood
215On a bronze strigil, found at Covehithe J. J. Raven
222Clare Church F. Haslewood
239Chapel House (Clare) F. Haslewood
241Poslingford Church (with registers, Monumental inscriptions, and list of Vicars) H. Jarvis
258Thurston Hall F. Haslewood
259Swan Hall F. Haslewood
261Old House of OverHall (Cavendish) F. Haslewood
263Cavendish Church, Registers, Monumental inscriptions, and List of Rectors F. Haslewood
275Church Plate in Suffolk. Preface, and Deanery of Hoxne E. C. Hopper

Volume VIII, part 1 (1892)

1Sudbury Corporation Regalia W. W. Hodson
9Election of Mayor at Sudbury in 1665 W. W. Hodson
21Ballingdon Bridge, and the Sudbury Stour W. W. Hodson
31Fressingfield porch and pews J. J. Raven
36Kelsale Church G. Irving-Davies
37Yoxford Church and the celebrities buried therein H. Parr
39Notes on Yoxford Church F. Haslewood
51The relation of the geology of East Anglia to Archaeology J. E. Taylor
54Sibton Abbey W. H. St.J. Hope
60Sibton Church J. L. M. Moore
65Dennington Church T. E. Key
76Sand writing table (at Dennington) F. Haslewood
77Monumental inscriptions in Dennington Church, and Rectors of Dennington Anon
83Inventories of monasteries suppressed in 1536 F. Haslewood
117Rectors of Brettenham C. J. Betham
118The insignia of the Borough of Dunwich W. H. St.J. Hope

Volume VII, part 3 (1891)

257The old Moot Hall at Sudbury W. W. Hodson
268John Colney's or S. Leonard's Hospital, for lepers at Sudbury W. W. Hodson
275Catalogue of the land and freshwater shells hitherto recorded as found in the county of Suffolk C. Greene
288Ipswich a mart for general traffic F. Haslewood
299Notes on the Sanctus Bell J. J. Raven
303Vestiges of Roman colonization discovered in the neighbourhood of Southwold (with a note by Canon Raven) J. E. Grubbe
311Sudbury Grammar School W. W. Hodson
320The monastery of Bruisyard F. Haslewood
329Rushbrooke Hall (2 Jul 1891) F. Haslewood
332Rushbrooke Church (2 July 1891) Canon Turner
334Hawstead Church, and rectors of Hawstead (2 Jul 1891) L. Mercer
336Rushbrooke: Davy's Church notes, monuments in the Church and churchyard, the Almshouse, and parish registers Anon
363S. Gregory's Church and College, Sudbury W. W. Hodson
366Elizabethan house, Upper Brook Street, Ipswich F. Haslewood
369Some old church bells in Ipswich. (20 Oct 1891) J. J. Raven
371The timber framed buildings of Ipswich and their pargetting. (20 Oct 1891) J. S. Corder
377The Saxon road through Ipswich. (20 Oct 1891) J. E. Taylor
378The almshouse chapel, Hadleigh; and will of Archdeacon Pykenham Dean Spooner

Volume VII, part 2 (1890)

xviiSt Mary's Church, Buxhall. (18 Jul 1889) H. Hill
xixSt Nicholas' Church, Rattlesden (with notes by Davy transcribed). (18 Jul 1889) F. Haslewood
xxiiGedding Church (Read by Rev R. C. Temple, 18 Jul 1889) J. S. Boucher
xxiiiNotes on Gedding Church by Davy and T. Martin transcribed. (18 Jul 1889) F. Haslewood
xxvObservations at Thorpe Morieux Church. (18 Jul 1889) R. C. Temple
xxviiiOn the Church of Brettenham and the Roman occupation of the neighbourhood. (18 Jul 1889) C. J. Betham
113The Guild Hall, of Corpus Christi, Lavenham J. S. Corder
120Dennington notes J. J. Raven
124Architectural remains found in Abbeygate Street, Bury S. Edmund's J. S. Corder
129Saint Matthew's Church, Ipswich F. Haslewood
209Neolithic flint implements found at Baylham, Suffolk E. T. Lingwood
212Notes on recent excavations at Bungay Castle J. J. Raven
216An absolution cross found at Bury S. Edmund's. (17 Feb 1890) E. M. Beloe
217Early wills relating to Bury. (17 Feb 1890) J. Hervey
229Observations at Theberton Church (with Davy's notes, list of Rectors, &c.) (23 Jun 1890) F. Haslewood
237Observations at All Saints Church, Dunwich (23 Jun 1890) F. Haslewood
238Observations at Dunwich (23 Jun 1890) H. Watling
240Observations at Westleton Church (with Davy's notes, list of vicars, &c.). (23 Jun 1890) F. Haslewood
247Observations at S. Mary-at-the-Tower Church, Ipswich. (27 Aug 1890) H. C. Casley
251Additional notes on Brettenham C. J. Betham
253Monuments in the churchyard of All Saints, Dunwich F. Haslewood
381Lord Curson's House: The Bishop's Palace, Ipswich B. P. Grimsey
spObservations at Leiston Abbey (23 Jun 1890) W. H. St.J. Hope
spObservations on Roman Dunwich. (23 Jun 1890) J. J. Raven

Volume VII, part 1 (1889)

xixObituary notice of the late Churchill Babington, D.D., F.L.S. F. Haslewood
xxviiiObservations on Hoxne Church and its contents. (8 Jun 1888) C. R. Manning
xxxiiiWingfield Castle. (8 Jun 1888) C. R. Manning
xxxivObservations at Wingfield Church. (8 Jun 1888) C. R. Manning
xxxvA 15th Century estimate for repairing Wingfield Church (from Rev H Walford of Ewelme). (8 Jun 1888) J. J. Raven
xxxviObservations at Fressingfield (8 Jun 1888) J. J. Raven
xlHoxne Priory (8 Jun 1888) C. R. Manning
1The old timbered houses of Sudbury W. W. Hodson
13S. Sepulchre's Chapel, Sudbury W. W. Hodson
16Ancient carved doors, Sudbury W. W. Hodson
17Saint Bartholomew's Priory, Sudbury W. W. Hodson
23Sudbury College, and Archbishop Theobald W. W. Hodson
33Additional particulars of the grant of Arms to the Borough of Eye, Suffolk C. R. Manning
51History of the De La Poles. (Read 8 Jun 1888) J. J. Raven
57Pedigree of Wingfield, Letheringham, Easton, &c E. M. Dewing
68Wingfield House, Ipswich H. R. Eyre
69The Sancrofts (Read 8 Jun 1888) J. J. Raven
77An old Orford lantern G. E. Crisp
78Dr. Bisbie's manuscript collections for Long Melford C. Deedes
91First Fruits, Diocese of Norwich, temp. Henry VI. and Edward IV C. R. Manning
111Will of Sir Walter Quyntyn, of Ipswich F. Haslewood
spBooks belonging to the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology, &c Anon

Volume VI, part 3 (1888)

345Garianonum, and the Count of the Saxon Shore (Read 6 Jul 1885) J. J. Raven
361The condition of the Archdeaconries of Suffolk and Sudbury in the year 1603 (with introductory notes by C. H. Evelyn White and F. Haslewood) Dr. Jessopp
401Collegiate Church at Denston F. Haslewood
407Monumental inscriptions in the parish of Denston, Suffolk F. Haslewood
425Parish Records of Denston (transcribed, with D. E. Davy's notes on Denston, and a note on Denston Hall) F. Haslewood
456Armorial insignia of the Borough of Ipswich B. P. Grimsey

Volume VI, part 2 (1886)

85Armorial insignia of the Borough of Eye, Suffolk G. A. Carthew
88Supplementary paper on the ancient crosses of Ipswich Evelyn White, C. H.
94Suffolk wills from the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Whetcroft of Suffolk J. J. Muskett
105Notes on Lavenham Church and parish. (7 Aug 1877) E. M. Dewing
131Ancient steelyard weight. (temp: XIIIth Century) Evelyn White, C. H.
136The old inns and taverns of Ipswich: their memories and associations Evelyn White, C. H.
184On the recent discovery of a bronze sword, at Chippenham, Cambridgeshire, with notices of similar discoveries in the western district of Suffolk H. Prigg
195The Ipswich 'Domesday' Books, and especially concerning Percyvale's 'Great Domesday Book' Evelyn White, C. H.
220{On a set of “roundels” or, old English fruit trenchers; temp. xvi${^{th$ Cent E. H. Willett
225Further notes upon Lavenham Church E. M. Dewing
236The Journal of William Dowsing, Parliamentary Visitor, &c. (with Pedigree of Dowsing) Evelyn White, C. H.
296Foundation deed of S. Saviour's Hospital, Bury St. Edmund's B. Bevan
313Description of his antique vases and library (7 Aug 1877) C. Babington
316Observations at Hitcham Church (7 Sept 1882) Canon Grant
318Observations at Bildeston Church (7 Sep 1882) J. Beck
322Observations at Gifford's Hall (23 Aug 1883) F. Smith
325Observations at Chippenham tumulus (6 Jun 1884) H. Prigg
327Observations at Chippenham Church (6 Jun 1884) K. H. Smith
331On a reliquary or shrine, of supposed Italian workmanship, in the possession of Mr Buchanan Scott, Ipswich Evelyn White, C. H.
334Account of the foundation stone of Wolsey's College at Ipswich. (6 Oct 1884) S. Westhorp
341The results of some excavations in the streets of Ipswich. (6 Oct 1884) J. E. Taylor
342Observations at Christchurch Mansion and St Margaret's Church (6 Oct 1884) Evelyn White, C. H.

Volume VI, part 1 (1888)

xivObservations at Gorleston Church. (6 Jul 1885) A. R. Abbott
xviiiAddress at Yarmouth Tolhouse Hall (6 Jul 1885) G. Venables
xixAddress at Yarmouth Tolhouse Hall (6 Jul 1885) E. W. Worlledge
xxiiObservations at All Saints' Church, Sudbury (5 Oct 1886) C. J. Stower
xxxviiiObservations at St. Gregory's Church, and St. Peter's Church, Sudbury, with notes on the Town records (5 Oct 1886) Hodson, [W. W.?]
xliiiObservations on Wickhambrook Church (14 Jul 1887) F. Haslewood
xlviiObservations at Little Saxham Church (14 Jul 1887) H. I. Kilner
xlviiiSt. Gregory's Church, Sudbury T. L. Green
1The “Stoneing Cross” of Dowsing's Journal, an inquiry into the meaning and application of the term, with some remarks on the ancient stone crosses of Ipswich Evelyn White, C. H.
9Roman British remains, found at Hawkedon, Suffolk E. M. Dewing
10Remarks upon an amphora and two figures, found at Hawkedon, January, 1880 A. W. Franks
13The de Greys of Little Cornard G. Crabbe
41On a Roman British cemetery at Ingham, near Bury St. Edmund's H. Prigg
55On some supposed crucifixion nails H. Prigg
57The Anglo-Saxon graves, Warren Hill, Mildenhall (with notes by Simeon Fenton) H. Prigg
73Clare Priory. (8 Aug 1875) H. Jarvis

Volume V, part 5 (1884)

spThe birds of Suffolk. (Part 2) C. Babington

Volume V, part 4 (1883)

277The birds of Suffolk. (Part 1) C. Babington

Volume V, part 3 (1880)

185Bacton Church (Read Jun 1874) A. B. Hemsworth
195Materials for a history of Cockfield C. Babington
253Sketch of the history of the Manor of Westhorpe (Read 30 Jun 1874) Anon
258Notes on the Church of Cotton (Communication, 30 Jun 1874) M. Turner
259Notes on the earlier history of the parish of Mendlesham (Read 30 Jun 1874) Anon
264The prospects of Welsh campanology (Read at Lampeter, Aug 1878), with a list of inscriptions on church bells in the Deanery of Fordham, Suffolk J. J. Raven

Volume V, part 2 (1878)

125Memoirs of Sir James Tyrell W. H. Sewell
181Observations at East Bergholt Church (Read 5 Aug 1873) J. Woolley
183Observations at Little Wenham Hall and Church (Communication, 5 Aug 1873) G. F. Lermit

Volume V, part 1 (1876)

iObituary notice of the late Richard Almack, Esq., F.S.A. C. Babington
1Materials for a history of Hessett, Part II W. Cooke
104Eye Castle C. R. Manning
115Observations on Stonham Aspall, St Lambert (Communication, 11 Jul 1871) P. C. Hakewill
120Observations on Orford Castle (Read 9 Jul 1872) J. Hervey
122Observations on Orford Church (Communication, 9 Jul 1872) E. M. Dewing
123Description of an unofficial excursion on 8 Jul 1872 to the Woodbridge area Anon

Volume IV, part 7 (1874)

405Butley Priory, in the Hundred of Loes (Read 9 Jul 1872) R. J. Day
414Account of Roman silver coins found at Lavenham, Suffolk, in June, 1874 C. Babington
417On the parish and parish church of All Saints, Stoke Ash W. H. Sewell
444Notes of the Halesworth meeting and excursion, 1870 (with detailed observations at Halesworth, Westhall, Southwold and Bramfield) Anon

Volume IV, part 6 (1873)

301Materials for a history of Hessett W. Cooke
333Seal of William Cockherd E. M. D[ewing]
336Sigill : Will : I : De : Bosco E. M. D[ewing]
340Mildenhall J. D. Gedge
368Notes on Isleham and the Peyton family (Read Jun 1870) J. D. Gedge
373Notes from the diary of William Coe of Mildenhall J.? Read

Volume IV, part 5 (1872)

225Blythburgh J. J. Raven
242Extract from a letter addressed to Sir William Betham, 1821 E. M. D[ewing]
244The stones in Mutford Wood H. K. Creed
245The Chapel of St John the Baptist, Needham Market W. H. Sewell
257Roman antiquities found at Rougham in 1843 and 1844 (with accounts by Rev. Prof. J. S. Henslow) C. Babington
282On a hoard of Roman silver coins (found at Icklingham) H. Prigg
287The tumuli of Warren Hill, Mildenhall (Read 23 Jun 1870) H. Prigg
300The “Camberwell Beauty” A. H. Wratislaw
376On the Abbey of Bury St. Edmund's. (Read at British Archaeological Institute meeting, Bury, 20 Jul 1869) A. W. Morant
spNotice of the death of Samuel Tymms Anon

Volume IV, part 4 (1870)

183Stoke-by-Nayland Church C. M. Torlesse
207Scandinavian brooches found at Santon, Norfolk W. Greenwell
217Entomology in the County of Suffolk A. H. Wratislaw
223Woodbridge Priory seal C. Golding

Volume IV, part 3 (1868)

99Haverhill C. Clay
107Withersfield Church S. Tymms
111Horseheath and the Alingtons A. Hervey
123Kedington alias Ketton, and the Barnardiston family R. Almack

Volume IV, part 2 (1865)

65Observations on the ecclesiastical remains of Bungay (Read 9 Oct 1861) J. J. Raven
77Mettingham Castle and College C. R. Manning
90On the etymology of Beccles (with a note by Rev. W. T. Spurdens) R. S. Charnock
94Rose Hall, Beccles S. Tymms

Volume IV, part 1 (1864)

1The Old Minster, South Elmham B. B. Woodward
7On the site of the Bishopric of Elmham H. Harrod
14Playford and the Feltons A. Hervey

Volume IV, part (1873)

357The Meeting at Bures, 1868. Notes upon Smallbridge and the family of Waldegrave E. M. D[ewing]

Volume III, part 3 (1863)

321Notes on Fressingfield Church J. Bedingfield
325Additional notes on Fressingfield Church R. J. Simpson
331Wingfield Church C. R. Manning
340Framlingham Church T. S. Gowing
352Notes on the Howard monument in the south aisle of Framlingham Church. (Communicated 30 Sep 1859) G. O. Edwards
358Boxsted Hall and Family of Poley Lord Arthur Hervey
375Cupola House, Bury St. Edmund's Samuel Tymms
386Framlingham Castle R. M. Phipson
398Account of the discovery of urns during railway excavations at Playford. (Communication, 7 Jan 1858) A. Biddell
399Note from Professor Owen on a fossil rhinoceros tooth found in the drift at Sicklesmere. (Communication, 7 Jan 1858) C. Roe
402Description of antiquities found at Ixworth, Icklingham and Pakenham. (Communication, 26 Jan 1859) J. Warren
411Address at Denham Castle (4 Jul 1861) H. Harrod
420Notice of a unique copy of Tyndale's translation of the Book of Jonah. (Communication, 2 Oct 1862) A. Hervey

Volume III, part 2 (1862)

291Boxford Church S. Tymms
296Saxon remains found near Ixworth J. Warren
298Stone coffin lids, Ixworth Church J. Warren
299Coldham Hall, in Stanningfield, and Stanningfield Church S. Tymms
311Grant of arms to the town of Hadleigh Anon
313Original Documents — No. III. Grant by Berta de Wanci to Hugh Talemasche of a messuage in Bury Anon
315Sir Nicholas Hervey, Kt A. Hervey

Volume II, part 5 (1856)

183Little Wenham Hall S. Jackson
188Bury Abbey seal F. Ouvry
190Woolpit Church S. Tymms
203Address on the occasion of the visit of the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland [to Cambridge] Lord Talbot
205Letter from Major Bunbury referring to remains in the Camp Aladyn region. (Communication, 27 Sep 1854) H. E. Bunbury
206Account of the costs of Sir John Howard and Master Thomas Brewse at election as Knights of the Shire of Suffolk, 1467. (Communication, 27 Sep 1854) S. Tymms
207MS observations on barrows in the Hundreds of Thingoe and Thedwastry by the late Sir Thomas Gage. (Communication, 4 Jan 1855) T. R. Gage
215On three leaden crosses from the Coemeterium Fratrum at Bury. (Communication, 10 Jan 1856) S. Tymms
217Letter of Robert Dudley to Matthew Parker concerning the spoliation of Harkstead Church. (Communication, 10 Jan 1856) S. Tymms
221Notes on part of the Roman road near Ixworth. (Communication, 24 Apr 1856) J. Warren
221Grant of Henry VIII. to Walter Copinger to wear his bonnet in the royal presence. (Communication, 24 Apr 1856) -. Copinger Hill

Volume II, part 4 (1855)

151Notices of the Corpus Christi Guild, Ipswich W. S. Fitch
164Sparrowe's House, Ipswich R. M. Phipson
168Substance of the address of the Rev. Lord Arthur Hervey, M.A., President of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History, to the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain, on the occasion of their visit to Bury St Edmund's, on the seventh of July, 1854 A. Hervey

Volume II, part 3 (1855)

103Some account of the Court Leet of the Borough of Clare, with extracts from the verdicts of the Headboroughs J. B. Armstead
113Original Documents — No. II. Letter from Duke of Richmond referring to the Battle of Dettingen, 1743 Anon
117On the Castle and Honor of Eye H. Creed
125On the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Eye Anon
148West Stow Hall S. Tymms

Volume II, part 2 (1855)

41Paintings on the walls of Bardwell Church A. P. Dunlap
50Melford Hall S. Tymms
59Kentwell Hall, Melford S. Tymms
73Some account of Melford Church R. Almack
84Melford Place S. Tymms
88Notice of a gold pendant ornament, found at Palgrave, Suffolk C. R. Manning
90On the heraldry within the Abbey Gate at Bury St Edmund's, as evidence of its date W. S. W[alford]
101Notice of a cinerary urn found at Stoke Ash in 1851. (Communication, 27 Apr 1854) Lord Henniker
102Catalogue of books in the Library of the Institute Anon

Volume II, part 1 (1854)

1Hawsted Church. (Read 17 Jun 1852) S. Tymms
10Hawsted Rectory-House S. Tymms
17The Place (Hawsted) S. Tymms
25Hardwick House S. Tymms
34On the Etruscan tomb at Hardwick House J. W. Donaldson
40Original Documents — No. I. Mandate of the Bishop of Norwich, 1583 Anon

Volume II, part (1857)

225Seal of the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield, before the Reformation T. Castley
227On the custom of Borough English G. R. Corner
242Inventory of furniture at Mendham Hall, 1548 W. S. Fitch
248Stowmarket Church S. Tymms
257On rings as objects of archaeological interest H. Creed
270Freston Tower S. Tymms
272Observations on the monuments of Erwarton Church. (Communication, 24 Jul 1856) E. Blore
279Little Haugh Hall, Norton S. Tymms
288Norton Church S. Tymms
291On the parish of Ickworth and the family of Hervey. (Read 2 Oct 1856) A. Hervey
430Horringer Church S. Tymms
434Chevington Church S. Tymms

Volume II, part (1869)

7Examination of Suffolk Tumuli: Risby J. D. Gedge
27Arrangements for the Royal Archaeological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland — Annual Meeting, 1869 J. Burtt, C. Tucker, B. Willsher
31On the discovery of some supposed vestiges of a pile dwelling in Barton Mere, near Bury St. Edmund's H. Jones
36Sale of Mr. Joseph Warren's coins (with a note by Henry Prigg) C. B[abington]
42Letter (On investigations at Broom Hill with Canon W Greenwell and Rev. G. Cardew) E. M. D[ewing?]
42Spurious antiquities (“Flint Jack” in Suffolk) Anon
43Bradfield Combust O. C. S. L.
44Notes on the architectural features of Herringswell Church, recently burnt O. Hammond
45Suffolk ornithology H. S. H.
183Examination of Suffolk Tumuli: (a) Risby Downs, Feb 1869 (39–40). (b) Long Heath Field (26 Feb 1869)(40). (c) Thetford (41-2) A. Leigh Hunt
spSuffolk ornithology - Mr. Bilson's list (Continued from page 23) W. Bilson

Volume I, part (1869)

7A burse and a pyx cloth preserved in the parish chest of Hessett (Abstract) H. Blake
8Discourse on Ancient British tumuli (Abstract) W. Greenwell
19Examination of Suffolk Tumuli: The Seven Hills, Ampton Anon
20Examination of Suffolk Tumuli: Barton Hill J. D. Gedge
20Notes on a tumulus at Barton W. Greenwell
22Hessett Church. Discovery of mural paintings Anon
22Timworth Church (Discovery of mural paintings and encaustic tiles) Anon
23Suffolk ornithology W. Bilson
24Forgeries (a travelling vendor at work in Suffolk) Anon

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