Three free Gresham lectures are forthcoming: on the extraordinary manuscripts of Timbuktu in Mali, the Royal Historical Society lecture on Portraits, Biography and Public History, and Holocaust History Under Siege (how states are distorting history today).  These represent some of our most interesting one-off lectures this year (we have lots of other history series!)

We also have a 'watch now' lecture on Richard III - the first one in this list.

All our lectures are hybrid (online/ in person) and also available to watch on replay.  

You can sign up using the website links below.

The Death of Richard III: CSI Meets History 
Professor Sarah Hainsworth
WATCH NOW - via the link on the website
The skeleton of King Richard III was discovered beneath a Leicester car park in 2012. Modern forensic techniques were used to analyse the injuries to the skull, rib and pelvis. The talk will discuss what computed and micro-computed tomography reveal about the injuries that were inflicted on him, and his probable cause of death; and how well the findings align with the historical record.

You can read more about  Professor Sarah Hainsworth here. 

The Manuscripts and Intellectual Legacy of Timbuktu
Robin Walker
6pm, Thursday 28 October 2021
Museum of London/ Online/ Watch Later
The Malian city of Timbuktu is one of the world's oldest seats of learning and has an intellectual legacy of hundreds of thousands of manuscripts, coming from three great West African desert empires: Ancient Ghana, medieval Mali, and the Songhai Empire. These manuscripts offer a unique window into their history. Many remain unread. This lecture will look at how their study can be used to advance our knowledge of the intellectual history of the premodern world.

Portraits, Biographies and Public History
Professor Ludmilla Jordanova
6pm, Tues 2 Nov Museum of London/ Online/ Watch Later
Holocaust History Under Siege
Professor Jan Grabowski
6pm, Weds 17 Nov Museum of London  Online/ Watch Later
For the second Annual Alfred Wiener Holocaust Memorial Lecture, Professor Jan Grabowski will discuss how scholars of the Holocaust find themselves confronted with the hostile reactions of various states pursuing the policies of Holocaust distortion. This situation has acquired particular importance and urgency in Poland, where the authorities have introduced a series of measures intended to freeze academic debate, hinder independent research and intimidate scholars whose writings are perceived as opposed to the official, state-approved historical narrative.
This lecture is presented in partnership with the Holocaust and Genocide Research Partnership between The Wiener Holocaust Library and the Holocaust Research Institute, Royal Holloway. 

You can read more about our free public lectures at Gresham College since 1597 here.